Attendance Policy

The Beavers Attendance Policy is specifically designed to establish a reasonable and minimum standard of attendance for those swimmers who wish to be considered for selection to Beaver relay teams. As well, in order to qualify for automatic registration in the following year, a minimum standard of attendance is also required as described in the Registration section.

The details of the attendance policy are:

  • Attendance at Beaver practices and meets is recorded commencing on the first day of practices at Lions Park Pool.
  • The Beavers Provincial Championship Team is selected approximately 10 days before the provincial meet begins, although if a swimmer meets the 50% regulation at the time the team is picked but has poor attendance from that time until the provincial meet such that their overall practice attendance falls below the 50% threshold, the club would reserve the right to reconsider that swimmer’s potential participation, at least on the Beaver’s relay teams.
  • Days when weather or other factors result in the cancelation of practices, time trials or swim meets are excluded from the calculations.
  • The evening practice is the standard for the attendance policy. However, should a swimmer be unable to attend an evening practice but has attended the optional morning practice same day, that swimmer will be recorded as having attended practice for that day and will receive full credit for attending practice that day. For clarity, a swimmer cannot transfer attendance at a morning practice to cover an absence at an evening practice on another day.
  • Personal family vacations are not considered for any exemption for practice, time trial and swim meet attendance.
  • In the event that any evening practices are cancelled due to inclement weather, pool mechanical failure or other reasons, the number of available practices for the season in which attendance is recorded will simply be reduced by one. If some practices on a given date occur, but other practices are cancelled, attendance will be recorded for those practices that were held. Similarly, there are a few dates on the annual Beaver calendar for social events where there are no evening practices offered. These dates are not counted for attendance purposes.

Special circumstances will be considered relative to the attendance policy and the selection of the Beavers provincial championship team. The most obvious would be an injury to a swimmer. In such a case, the swimmer is encouraged to regularly attend Beaver practices to demonstrate their commitment to the team, during the period when they cannot participate in the pool. If any such situations develop, it would be important for the family to dialogue with the Bedford Beavers executive just as soon as such situations develop and to gain some perspective on how the specific situation might be reviewed.