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Time Standards

Time Standards 2018 / 2019

Once swimmers have learned all four strokes and choose to participate in competitions, there are numerous Swim Meets of various skill levels available to compete in.

For entry level competitions, all swimmers are welcome to compete. There are no Time Standards needed for entrance. This is where our young ones 'get their feet wet' so to speak.

Once the swimmers get familiar with their times for specific events they can then start looking at the Time Standards applicable to the Vancouver Island Region (VIR), to SwimBC, and to Swimming Canada Natation (SCN):

For the Vancouver Island Region (VIR), we recognize the age groups of:

  • 10yrs&Under
  • 11yrs&Under
  • 12/13yrs
  • 14/15yrs
  • 16yrs&Over/Open

Regional Championships are held twice per season with the Short Course Champs (SCM - 25m pool) being held in Jan and the Long Course Champs (LCM - 50m pool) being held in June.  Swimmers need only achieve 1 x QT to gain entrance into our Regional Championships.


Provincially, SwimBC recognizes the age groups of:

Female Tier I Male Tier I
10yrs & Under 11yrs & Under
11yrs 12yrs
12yrs 13yrs
Female Tier II Male Tier II
14yrs & Under 15yrs & Under
15 - 18yrs 16 - 18yrs
Sr / Open Sr / Open
open age categories open age categories









The first step for competitors to look towards are achieving the VIR Time Standards.  Once swimmers have attained this qualifying time (QT), they will be invited to race at the Vancouver Island Regional Championships held twice per season: January & June.

The next step in Time Standards and achieving QTs is the SwimBC Tier I standard.  This competition is soley for swimmers ages 12yrs & Under (female) / 13yrs & Under (male).  To gain entrance into the competition requires 1 x 200 IM QT + 1 other event.  Once qualified, swimmers will be able to compete in 8 total events at the competition.  This competition is held twice per season: February & June.

Following SwimBC's Tier I Time Standards are the SwimBC Tier II Time Standards.  This competition is focused on swimmers in age categories:

  • Female: 14yrs & Under, 15-18yrs
  • Male: 15yrs & Under, 16-18yrs

Swimmers will only compete in the events that they qualify in.  This competition is held twice per season: March & July.

Following that, the swimmers can then look towards National Qualifying Time Standards:

Eastern/Western Cdn Champs
Eastern/Western Cdn Champs
13yrs 14yrs
14yrs 15yrs
15yrs 16yrs
16yrs & Over 17yrs & Over
Female Canadian Junior Champs Male Canadian Jr Champs
13yrs 14yrs
14yrs 15yrs
15yrs 16yrs
16 - 17yrs 17 - 18yrs
Female Canadian Sr Champs Male Canadian Sr Champs
14yrs 15yrs
15yrs 16yrs
16yrs 17yrs
17yrs 18yrs
Open Open
Female Canadian Swimming Trials Male Canadian Swimming Trials
Open Age Category Open Age Category
















Each of these competitions occur once per season with the Canadian Swimming Trials (LCM) in April, Eastern/Western Canadian Championships in April, Canadian Jr Championships in July, and Canadian Swimming Championships in August.  All National competitions and correspondending Time Standards are held in a LCM (50m) pool.


International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Swimmers

For Swimmers who have been Classified as an International Paralympic Committee (IPC) also have Time Standards to achieve prior to entrance to the Provincial and National Championships: