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Program Descriptions
The Spartan program is ultimately directed towards competitive swimming with regularly held organized age group and senior level swim meets. It is this program that gives full meaning to the swimmer's training and development, and provides the swimmer with some concept of what his or her efforts are achieving. Involvement in swim meets both locally and throughout the province allows members to meet and compete with swimmers from other clubs and in the process have a lot of fun.

Here are descriptions of our programs beginning with the introductory levels and moving through to the most advanced.

  1. Option 1. & 1.1: Pre-Starter (7 & Under)
  2. Option 25: Beginner (8 & under)
  3. Option 0.1, 01.1, 21 & 21.1: Starter (12 & under)
  4. Option 10 & 20.1: Pre-Yellow (9 & Under)
  5. Option 18: Stroke & Development (12 & Over)
  6. Option 13: Yellow (11 & Under)
  7. Option 14: Bronze (11 to 13)
  8. Option 15: Silver
  9. Option 16: Gold
  10. Option 17: Gold+


Electronic Registration is open.  Registration information for all levels is located on our MORE INFORMATION page.

Moving up
When the coaching staff feels that your child has met the requirements, you may be asked to have your child move to the next level. This involves both a change of schedule and expectations. Children are only moved when they are ready. Swimmers are not under obligation to move to the next level.