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Thank you for taking greater interest in swimming officiating. By visiting this section of our website you are actively supporting the advancement of swimming in our club and in our community. Officiating is an absolutely essential function of a successful swim club — without trained volunteers, we can’t run swim meets. And if we can’t host meets, we forego a valuable opportunity to generate a supplementary source of revenue for our club.

The Triton Competitive Swim program requires parents or guardians of a competitive swimmer to serve in and secure certification in at least one of the technical official roles in a swim meet. A seamless and efficient swim meet requires many officials serving a variety of roles which include, timekeepers (the most numerous), Stroke & Turn judges and marshals just to name a few. These positions are easy to learn, simple to perform and clinics are offered both in person and online to help you learn the position. Click here  to review and select online clinics and self-grading assessments that will align with the Officials Certification Pathway.

Each season, as you continue in the Triton program we urge you to enrol in the newest set of clinics with the objective to move through the Officials Certification Pathway as appropriate for you and with consideration for the legacy of our Club – we want to be a training centre for future competitive swimmers. Visit this site often for online training

Classroom Course dates will be posted below as they become available.

Clarification: Competitive program means they are eligible to compete at meets. The Triton Can Swim (TCS) program is not a competitive program.  It is a learning program, developing swimmers to enter the competitive Program.


There are two ways to learn: Online and In-Person

Online Clinics

Change: You will need to register with Swim Alberta before you can take online clinics to You will need to register with Swim Canada to take online clinics (a volunteer would register through Swim Alberta if they are not affiliated with a club…this will not be the case for Triton Parents)

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Please go here for more information regarding officiating.

When you have completed your self-graded Quiz, please complete the Officials Online Clinic Reporting Form which can be found by clicking here.

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In-person clinics are available by following this link -