Volunteer Points

 The Volunteer Points System

The success of a Swim Club is dependent on active parent involvement and participation. Each family with swimmers registered as High Performance, Senior, Junior and Provincial will be required to earn a total of 350 Points (this is per family not per swimmer). Each family with swimmers registered as Novice will be required to earn a total of 150 Points. These points must be earned in full by the end of June 30th of each year. Plenty of opportunities to do so will be made available.

While there will be no dollar value attached to participation points earned in excess of the requirement, there will be a charge for falling short of the requirement. Families will owe BTSC $1.00 for every point not earned.

To locate your Volunteer Point Information:

  • Sign in to your Account HERE
  • Under My Account
  • Click on ‘$My Invoice/Payment’
  • Click on ‘Service Hours’

The Volunteer Points System is reviewed annually to ensure that total point requirements per family and point distributions per volunteer role are supporting the Club’s current needs and priorities. For example: Swim Canada requires that each Swim Club have a minimum number of Officials at specific levels. We are obligated to ensure the ongoing education and certification of Officials attached to the Barrie Trojan Swim Club and we have created  incentives for certification via our volunteer points system.

Please note: No less than one family member must work at least one session at each of the club hosted meets  (regardless of whether or not you have reached your total points requirement). 


Volunteer pts. will be awarded for, but not limited to, the following jobs and certifications:

Officiating Certification:

Attendance at officials clinic 25 points
Level 1 official’s certification 50 points
Level 2 official’s certification 75 points
Level 3+ official’s certification 200 points
Officiating at Home Meets X1 session worked 50 points
Officiating at Away meets X1 session worked 25 points


Volunteer Activities:

Food donations for hosted meets (officials) X1 regular item 25 points
Food donations for hosted meets (officials) X1 dinner item 50 points
Hospitality Host at Home Meets  50 points
Food donation for chaperoned meets X1 regular item  25 points
Food donation for chaperoned meets X1 dinner item  50 points
Silent Auction Team Basket donation  25 points

Other Activities:

Board Member  200 points
Committee Member 100 points
Chaperone 200 points
AGM attendance (per family) 50 points
Participation in Team-wide Anchor Fundraiser (e.g. "tag day") 25 points
Participation on Swim ON Committee 50 points


Please make note of the following volunteer position that is available for the upcoming season.


Hospitality Coordinator

The Hospitality Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the team’s hospitality room at Home Meets. The coordinator plans, oversees and sets up meals for coaches, officials, and volunteers during the competition. The hospitality coordinator is also responsible for soliciting pot luck donations from parents for the hospitality room in advance of home meets.  Volunteer points will be awarded.


If you are interested in this position, please send an email to Cathi Brown at meetmanager@barrieswimming.ca.