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2018-2019 Registration Fees

2018-2019 Registration Fees


Important note:  No swimmer will be permitted to participate in a practice until the registration and payment process is complete due to insurance requirements.  We appreciate your cooperation.

"CBAC  Annual Membership Fee: the swim meet fee installment is now included in the total registration fee.  Additional meet fees may be payable throughout the year once the initial meet fee amount is consumed."

"SNC" is charged once per season and based on the swimmers date of birth.

Please Note:  a portion of the meet fees charged is non-refundable.  Please see the Meet Fee Policy, under the Registration tab, for clarification.

Charlottetown Bluephins Aquatic Club


Annual Fee

Meet Fee

Total  Fee not including SNC

8 Instalments Fee

















Blue 2





Blue 1





Orange 2





Orange 1










Insurance Fee Swim PEI/SNC

Year of Birth


2010 & Later






2003 & Earlier



Miniphins / TTC

Miniphin Session Fee – Amounts are Total Payable (insurance is included) 10 Week Session

Miniphin - 1 x per Week


Miniphin - 2 x per Week


TTC - 1 x per Week


TTC - 2 x per Week



As a member of the Charlottetown Bluephins Aquatic Club (CBAC), a registered swimmer (or parent/guardian if swimmer is under the age of 18 years) is subject to an annual fee according to his/her assigned swimming group and is liable for payment of fees upon the completion of registration.  Season registration fees may be paid in one payment at the time of registration or in 8 installments, with the first payment due and paid by the registration deadline, and the remaining installments due on the 1st of October through April, inclusively.  Once a swimmer registers as a member of CBAC, and the swim group for which the swimmer is registered is full, other potential registrants are turned away.  A CBAC member becomes liable for the full year's registration fee upon accepting a position on the team due to limited enrolment, subject only to the terms of the CBAC Refund Policy.

Credit Card fees are included