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Registration Fees 2020-2021

August 29, 2020

2020/2021 Swimming Season Registration Fees

Important note:  No swimmer will be permitted to participate in a practice until the registration and payment process is complete due to insurance requirements. We appreciate your co-operation.

Once a swimmer commits to attend a swim meet for which they have qualified, the corresponding swim meet fee and a $15 coaching fee will be applied to the swimmer’s CBAC online account using the credit card on file. If a valid credit card is not on file, a swim meet deposit will be required and credited to the swimmer's account from which swim meet fees and coaching fees will be drawn. For more information, please refer to the Meet Fee Policy. Payment can also be made by contacting CBAC's Administrator at  [email protected]


Charlottetown Bluephins Aquatic Club Training Fees

Group Name

Annual Fee

10 Installments Fee

Phins 1a



Phins 1b



Phins 2



Phins 3




Swim PEI/SNC + CBAC Registration Fee To be Charged After Initial payment

Year of Birth


2012 & Later

$105.00+ $5.00


$125.00+ $5.00


$145.00+ $5.00

2005 & Earlier

$165.00+ $5.00



The Charlottetown Bluephins Aquatic Club (CBAC) membership fee is an annual fee a member becomes liable to pay upon registration.  This annual fee may be paid in one payment at the time of registration or in 10 installments, with the first paid by the registration deadline and the remaining payments on the 1st of October through 1st June inclusive.  Once a swimmer registers for a spot on the team, other potential registrants could be turned away when the swim group is filled.  Members become liable for the full years' payment upon accepting a position on the team due to limited enrollment, subject only to the refund policy which you sign when registering.