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National Group



National Group

Swimmers in this group are performing at a high level of swimming technique and speed. Swimmers are committed to high performance swimming at the national level. Swimmers have strong stroke technique and have exceptional competitive skills. Practices are 1 ½ to 2  hours in length and will focus on providing the appropriate level of training. Practices are structured with high expectations being placed on the swimmer. 


  • 13&Over
  • Graduate of Junior program or equivalent for other teams
  • Full commitment to  the program


Swimmers will develop their skills and technique to the highest level.  The ability to perform under pressure will be a key to the success in this group.  Developing mental skills and racing strategies will be a major focus. 

Practice Info

  • 1 ½  to 2 hour practices with Morning practices
  • Dryland training before workouts
  • 9x per week (September to end of July)


  • Flexibility will be a major focus
  • Yoga will be used as appropriate to aid with flexibility, breathing and relaxation.
  • Mental skills, med ball, stretch cords will be before swim times and resistance training will be arranged individually

Team Gear and Equipment Requirements

  • A competitive swimming suit and proper deck gear
  • Goggles & Cap are optional but recommended
  • Team T-Shirt (provided)
  • Personal fins and snorkel
  • Logbook

Swimmers’ Commitment and Goals

  • Attend all practices and participate fully in program. (listen, learn, laugh)
  • Attend club social events,  all appropriate competitions and stroke camps
  • Have fun while learning how to swim better and faster!

Parents’ Commitment

  • Have your child to the practice on time and prepared to swim.
  • Car pooling is a must to make sure athletes get to practice
  • Communicate with group coach or head coach with any questions.
  • Keep up to date by viewing club website, emails, notices and club bulletin board.  Respond when necessary to requests from coaching staff or club.
  • You will be expected  to volunteer your time at local competitions as an official, and may also be asked to officiate at meets your swimmer attends.  Parents will also be asked if they are interested in helping with other parts of club such as committees and special events. 


Swimmers will attend all competitions that are on their seasonal plan developed by Head Coach.  Swimmers will center their training around preparing for 2 to 3 major championship meets throughout the season.

How We Teach

The head coach will develop a plan for the entire season, month, week and practice. Training will be intense and focus on developing all energy systems.  We will use all available equipment to develop stroke technique, build endurance and create speed.  Training with purpose will be the expectation daily.

Sport For Life

Athletes in this group will fall under the Train to Compete stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD). A copy of this is available on the Bluephins' website  This document is recommended  reading as it will explain  the sport science behind how your swimmer will progress as an athlete.


Specific training sets will be performed throughout the season to keep track of progress. 

Note: There are many additional factors that can impact placement.  For more details please reference the club parents manual or season registration package.