Fees Explained


CDSC Age Group Fees and Payments Explained

Family Membership Fee (annual, non-refundable)

The Canadian Dolphin Swim Club is a registered non-profit organization.  The annual membership fee is assessed once per family per season (September through July), and is charged to the credit card on file upon registration.

Swim BC Registration Fee (annual, non-refundable)

This fee is set by SWIM BC/ SWIM CANADA and is collected by CDSC by charging the swimmer’s account credit card shortly after registration.  These fees are paid to SWIM BC to register the swimmer with the provincial organization.  The amount of the fee is based on the age of the swimmer and whether the swimmer is in a competitive or pre-competitive level. This fee provides an insurance component for the swimmer.  More information on SWIM BC can be found at

Training Fees (annual, with equal payment option)

Training fees are used to fund part of the club's major expenses: Pool Rentals and Coaches' Salaries.  The annual amount of the swimmer's training fee is determined by the training group level.  Fees increase with the level and frequency of training.

This is an annual fee which is paid by monthly installments charged to the swimmer’s credit card on the first day of each month starting September 1 for 10 months.

We do not pro-rate training fees for inability to attend practices under any circumstances.

Family discount*: The first swimmer in a family (defined as the swimmer in the highest fee paying group) will pay the full training fees, and subsequent swimmers in the same family will receive a discount on the training fees for their (lower fee paying) groups. 

Moving to a New Group: If a swimmer moves to a different group, the new fee rate will come into effect on the first day of the first full month the swimmer spends in the new group; for example, if a swimmer moves groups on March 15th, the new group’s fee rate will take effect on April 1st.

Withdrawals and Refunds: All training fees are chargeable except with 30 days written notice given before the end of a month; for example, if a swimmer wishes to withdraw from the club from the month of February onwards, notice of the withdrawal must be received in writing by the club no later than December 31st. No refunds of fees for withdrawals will be given after May 1st without documented medical reasons [If notice has not been received by May 1st, fees will be payable to the end of the season (June or July, depending on group)].

Meet Entry Fees

Swimmers entering competitions are charged entry fees by the host club/organization either per event entered or per swimmer entered. CDSC will charge these fees to the credit card registered to the swimmer’s account as the meet entry fees are incurred. Click here for more information.

Travel Meet Expenses
Travel expenses for away meets are paid separately prior to departure and on a meet by meet basis. Click here for more information.

Parent Participation Levy
Please see our information on Parent Participation Points for details.
Outstanding Accounts
All accounts must be in good standing before swimmers can be registered for the new season.

Swimmers whose accounts are in arrears or whose deposit accounts are overdrawn for more than 14 days at any point in the season may be suspended from swimming until all outstanding amounts are paid in full.

There is a $25.00 service charge for late payments, NSF cheques and dishonoured credit card payments.