Meet Fees Explained




How do I commit my swimmer to attending a Meet?

When a Swim Meet or competition appropriate to a swimmer and/or his/her group is approaching, the coach will post the meet information on the homepage of the CDSC website under “Events”, such as date and place, the deadline for confirming attendance via the website, qualification criteria, groups going, and the Meet Package once available.

Once a parent has confirmed their swimmer's attendance at the Meet by “Confirming” via the website, the parent is responsible for any and all meet entry fees, as well as any travel and management costs (see below for more information on travel meets) related to the swimmer and that Meet.

What and how much are Meet Entry Fees?

When our Club enters a swimmer in a Swim Meet, we pay to the host of the Meet a meet entry fee for each swimmer.

The amount of the meet entry fee varies, and may be a fixed amount for the whole Meet, or may be calculated per individual event entered. In addition to the meet entry fees, the meet host will also add a surcharge which usually ranges between $4 - $16 per swimmer. The surcharge covers the fees paid by the host to Swim BC or an equivalent organization, plus any facility surcharges that may apply. The entry fees for each Meet are set out in the Meet Package for the Meet, which is posted on our website with the other meet information prior to the Meet.

In addition to the entry fees for individual events, our Club pays to the host of the Meet entry fees per Club relay team entered in the Meet.

For CDSC Mini Meets and Pass Meets, each swimmer will be charged an entry fee of $10 per meet once they have committed to the Meet. This entry fee is non-refundable except with a note from a doctor excusing the swimmer from the Meet for medical reasons.

How are the Meet Fees Charged?

The Club will charge the swimmer’s credit card on account for the meet entry fees (including the individual entry fees, any surcharge, and a share of relay entry fees) prior to the Meet.

The relay entry fees charged will be a prorated share of the relay entry fees paid by the Club at each Meet the swimmer signs up for and/or attends, whether or not the swimmer swam on a relay or relays at the Meet.

How will I know how much I have been charged for Meet Entry Fees?

To see all amounts charged to your credit card on file, click on “My Account” and “My Invoice/Payments” on the drop down menu on the right side of the homepage on our website.

What happens if my swimmer is entered and then becomes sick or injured?

In most cases, if a swimmer becomes ill or is injured after having been entered in a Meet, the meet host will refund the meet entry fees, but only if a signed letter from the swimmer’s doctor is provided to the meet host before, during, or immediately following the Meet. If the Club receives the refund of the meet entry fees, the amount of the refund will be credited to the swimmer’s online account. The coach must be notified as soon as possible if a swimmer is unable to attend for these reasons.

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