Equipment and Gear

All swimmers in the Club will be required to purchase some swim training equipment, including items such as fins, hand paddles, and snorkels, depending on which level or group they are in. Every swimmer will also need a swimsuit, cap, and goggles.


  • Every age group swimmer will be required to wear a CDSC t-shirt to and from practice, and a CDSC cap in the pool. If you need a t-shirt or a cap, they will be available for purchase at our pool office for $17 for a t-shirt and $17 for a cap. Team kickboards will also be available for $30 each.
  • Team Backpacks:  (new this year) Every swimmer attending a Meet (including Pass Meets, Invitational and Championship Meets) will be required to carry a CDSC branded backpack. Please contact [email protected] to place your order.
  • New swimmers in our Junior Dolphins, White, Blue, and Red Groups will be required to purchase a gear kit, including a t-shirt and cap, kickboard, and mesh bag ($80 for the kit), available from our pool office.
  • We have some youth team training suits available for purchase at our office, and if there is demand, we will place an order for more.
  • Team Parkas:  You can order your team Parkas online directly from our supplier. Click here. The Username is CDSC, Password is CAN314.
  • Other team gear, such as hoodies, sweatpants, long sleeve shirts, and other accessories can be ordered by visiting our online store


The largest supplier of swim training equipment and suits in B.C. is Team Aquatic Supplies (TAS) which has a retail outlet located in North Vancouver. As a member of the Canadian Dolphins you have several options available to you when you are in need of equipment or suits:

  • Shop at TASIf you visit the TAS store (107-2120 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver) and show them the Shark Card found here (you can save this on your mobile device), you will receive a discount on most non-sale items. 
  • Shop Online: TAS operates a web store, which you can access at  As a member of CDSC you will get a discount off their full price items by entering the coupon code CAN314 when checking out. The ordered items will then be delivered by mail to you, with a shipping charge added.


Junior Dolphins, White Groups, and Blue Dolphins: CDSC t-shirt, CDSC cap, fins, goggles, CDSC kickboard, swimsuit (girl's must be one-piece).

Red 1 and Red 2: CDSC t-shirt, CDSC cap, suit, fins, goggles, small (junior) kickboard, pull buoy.

Elite, and Western/YN Groups: CDSC t-shirt, CDSC cap, fins, goggles, small (junior) kickboard, snorkel, band, suit, drag suit, pull buoy, paddles, plus skipping rope, shorts and runners for dryland.