Volunteering and PPP



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The Canadian Dolphin Swim Club uses a point and levy system for parent volunteer requirements.  This system ensures that we have enough volunteers to run the Club, our swim meets and other events, and also helps us reciprocate other clubs’ help in running our meets. We also require that our parents attend Swim Official Training Clinics in order to ensure that we are able to host quality meets for our swimmers and for other swimmers in the region/province.

This is how it works:     

  • Swim Official Training Requirements: The club will hold Officials Training Clinics during the season to train our parents to be certified Meet Officials and also alert you to clinics being run by other clubs in the region which are open for our members to attend. Level 1 (Timer) is a requirement for one parent in each family for all groups from White 1 upwards. From the Blue Groups upwards, higher certifications are required (see the table below). For more information on the Officials Certification Pathway, click here.
  • Volunteering at Swim Meets:
  • General Meet Volunteer Policy: The families of swimmers are required to provide adult volunteers for club meets including mini meets, PASS meets, Time Trials, the CDSC Invitational, and any other meet the club may host.
    • Each family is required to provide a volunteer for the equivalent of one session on each day of the swim meet for which they have one or more swimmers registered.
    • Volunteers must be a minimum of 16 years old. Volunteers do not have to be family members. Children younger than 16 are welcome to volunteer for age appropriate jobs, but do not fulfill the requirement of an adult volunteer.
    • Volunteers will be assigned roles by the Volunteer Coordinator. Roles will be assigned based on the experience of the volunteer and the needs of the club. Volunteers will be assigned to different roles in order to develop the knowledge and experience of our volunteer pool. Volunteers may be assigned multiple roles in a single session (for example, heat sheet sales and timing).​​
  • CDSC Major Meets: Most years, CDSC hosts a major swim meet in January at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre (CDSC New Year’s Invitational Meet) and another later in the season (for example, Age Group Champs), and a percentage of points must be earned at these 2 major meets (see table below).  We need a large number of volunteers to run our meets, and everyone in the Club is expected to help out. Please note that points earned at monthly CDSC mini meets do not count towards Major Meet point minimums.
  • Each time you volunteer, please record your hours on the Parent Participation Point Form.  The Form must be signed by a meet official or the meet manager of a meet, or by a CDSC coach or Board member to verify that you have volunteered. The Club does not keep records of when members volunteer. Do not rely on the job signups as proof of your volunteering or the online service hours module - you must submit a form!
  • The number of points allocated to each volunteer job or task is listed below. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and there may be other ways you can help the Club for which you will receive Parent Participation Points.
  • If you have more than one swimmer in the Club (for example, in Red and Elite), you don’t have to earn volunteer points for both swimmers.  PPP requirements are based on the child in the higher group (in the above case it would be the Elite Group). If your swimmer moves groups during the season, the PPP requirement and the amount of the levy will be that of the group your swimmer is in on January 31st for the first half of the points/levy, and June 30th for the second half of the points/levy.
  • Hand in or email the signed form to your Group Representative or the PPP Coordinator prior to January 31st for the first half of the season, and prior to June 30th for the second half. Keep a copy for your records.
  • If at least half of the points required for your child’s training group have been verified, claimed, and reported by you on your form submitted by January 31st, we will not charge your credit card for the first volunteer levy. If at least half of the points required for the year have been verified, claimed, and reported by you between February 1st and June 30th, we will not charge your credit card for the second volunteer levy.  Please remember that the Club does not keep records of when members volunteer - this is up to you!
  • You can also earn Points by officiating at other clubs' meets that CDSC competes at (these do not count towards the CDSC Major Meet Points).
  • If you decide that you just don’t have the time to volunteer and that instead you would prefer that the Club charge you for the PPP levies, please let your group representative or the PPP Coordinator know.
  • Parent Participation Points earned do not carry forward to the next season.
  • If you withdraw part way through the season, your PPP requirement will be prorated.

Points and Meet Officials Training Required (by Training Group):


  (CDSC Major Meets or other)         

CDSC Major Meet Points

TOTAL POINTS per season



New Year’s Invitational

Age Group Champs

Meet Official Clinics Required

Junior Dolphins






White 1 and 2




2 X $100

Timer (Level 1)

Blue 1 and 2





2 X $150

Timer (Level 1), Stroke and Turn (Level 2)

Red 1 and 2





2 X $250

Timer (Level 1), Stroke and Turn (Level 2)

Elite 1 and 2





2 X $300

Timer, Stroke and Turn, plus any 2 of: Chief Timekeeper, Clerk of the Course, Chief Finish Judge, Chief Judge Electronics, Meet Manager, Starter.






2 X $400

Timer, Stroke and Turn, plus any 3 of: Chief Timekeeper, Clerk of the Course, Chief Finish Judge, Chief Judge Electronics, Meet Manager, Starter.









Volunteer Jobs and Point Allocations*:

Volunteer Job


CDSC Meeting (group, club) Attendee

1 per meeting

CDSC AGM Attendee

3 per meeting

Timer at Major Meet

4 per session****

Concession/Food Server at major Meet 

4 per session

Timer at CDSC mini meet

1 per meet****

Stroke & Turn Official

8 per session

Chief Timer, Electronics, Clerk of the Course

8 per session

Starter, Referee

10 per session

Meet Manager

30 per meet

Officials Clinic Attendee

3 per clinic

Billeting Coordinator

16 per meet


6 per swimmer/day

Event Helper

4 per event


10 per day of away meet

Fundraising Event Coordinator

20 per event

Officials Coordinator

30 per season

PPP Coordinator

30 per season**

Events/Social Coordinator

30 per season

Equipment Manager

20 per season

Clothing Manager

20 per season

Group Representatives (Red, Green, Black, Elite, YNG)

18 per season

Group Representatives (White, Blue)

12 per season

Fundraising Coordinator

30 per season**


30 per season**

Board Members***:    President






50 per season

48 per season

40 per season

40 per season

35 per season

20 per season


*  To earn the allocated points, the volunteer must complete all functions described in the applicable job description below.

** If these are Board positions, the point allocation will be increased to 40 points per season.

*** Board Members must perform the required job and attend the AGM, attend at least 80% of Board meetings during the season, as well as actively serve on a designated Board committee, to earn the allocated points. Board Meetings are held approximately once a month. In addition, committee meetings may be held twice a month and as needed.

**** If a timer has completed the Timers Clinic, the point allocation will be 1.5X the stated point allocation.

NOTE: this list is not exhaustive, parent participation points are available for other volunteer jobs.



Under the direction of the senior coach accompanying the team:

  • accompanies the team on a travel (away) swim meet and stays with the team;
  • is responsible for the care and supervision of all the Club’s swimmers traveling with the team;
  • prepares or obtains meals and snacks for the swimmers;
  • assists with transportation of the swimmers as requested by the coaches;
  • click here for a more detailed description of chaperone duties and responsibilities.


  • acts as the liaison between the coaches and the Board in the selection of team clothing and merchandise;
  • takes orders for equipment, clothing, and other merchandise from members, collects payments for merchandise, places orders with suppliers, picks up or takes delivery of merchandise, and distributes the merchandise to the members;
  • maintains accurate records of orders, payments, and deliveries of merchandise;
  • maintains and updates inventory lists;
  • remits all payments and payment records to the Treasurer on a monthly basis, or as requested by the Treasurer.


  • is responsible for working with the Group Representatives to organize group social activities during the season;
  • is responsible for organizing Club social activities at the request of the Board, including the reservation of facilities, advertising of the events, and the recruitment of volunteers;
  • s responsible for planning and organizing the year-end BBQ in consultation with the Board and Head Coach.


  • works with the Board to identify, organize, and implement fundr/aising activities to assist the Club in controlling fee levels and to provide members with options for achieving their mandatory fundraising requirements;
  • works with and acts as a resource person for the individual fundraising event coordinators, including assisting with the recruitment of volunteers and the collection and recording of funds raised;
  • reports to the Treasurer on a monthly basis or as required.


  • acts as a liaison between the parents of swimmers in the group and the Board and coaches;
  • will communicate, upon request, information from the Board and coaches to the parents of swimmers in the group;
  • answers procedural questions from new parents, refers coaching issues to the group coach or Head Coach, and refers policy questions to members of the Board;
  • distributes and gathers forms and payments for fundraising events, swim meets, parent participation point reporting, and social events;
  • organizes at least two social events or per season for the group;
  • assists the Board, Officials Coordinator, meet organizing committee, and fundraising event coordinators with the recruitment of volunteers from the group’s parents to help with CDSC meets and other Club events.


  • is responsible for all the organizational details of a CDSC-hosted swim meet, including having the necessary equipment and personnel available during the meet;
  • works with the Officials Coordinator to ensure the necessary meet officials are available during the meet;
  • is responsible for the dissemination of all meet information and forms;
  • ensures that the preparation of sanction applications, entry lists, heat sheets, and results are completed on time;
  • coordinates the set up and take down of the meet and meet equipment;
  • does everything that needs to be done to ensure a successful meet;
  • must have attended a Meet Manager clinic.


  • is responsible for overseeing the training of CDSC parents as officials (eg. timers, stroke and turn officials, clerks of the course, referees) for swim meets, including organizing officials’ clinics for the training of CDSC parents, and
  • informing CDSC parents of officials’ clinics hosted by other clubs, in order to build the base of trained officials within the Club;
  • maintains a roster of Club parents listing each parent’s swim official status;
  • works with the Meet Manager in organizing officials for all CDSC-hosted meets;
  • recruits, organizes and schedules all CDSC officials for non-CDSC meets;
  • acts as the Club’s LMR Representative at monthly Lower Mainland Region Meetings, and reports to the Board on LMR proceedings and developments.


  • is responsible for advising parents on the requirements of the Parent Participation Point (PPP) system;
  • communicates deadlines to and collects PPP reporting forms from parents;
  • creates and maintains accurate records of parent participation points attained;
  • provides reports to the Treasurer and the Board twice annually on the point status of all member families.


  • is the Chief Executive Officer and presides at all Board and General Meetings;
  • works closely with the Head Coach and the Board to identify and implement the goals, directions, and policies of the Club;
  • acts always in the best interests of the Club and its membership as identified by the Board in consultation with the Head Coach;
  • is the official spokesperson of the Club and the Club’s official representative;
  • performs all duties required for the position and as may be assigned by the Board;
  • is an ex-officio member of all Club committees;
  • must have served on the Board for at least one year prior to election to this position.


  • is responsible, in consultation with the Head Coach and the Treasurer, for the development and updating of the Club’s online registration platform;
  • is responsible for organizing, advertising, setting up, and overseeing registration day(s) and recruiting volunteers to assist with registration;
  • oversees the registration of new members on an ongoing basis throughout the season;
  • is responsible for computer entry of member’s registration information, and for producing registration summaries and contact information for distribution on a monthly basis to the Head Coach and Treasurer;
  • oversees the collection of all registration fees and other payments made in connection with the registration process and remits the payments and payment records to the Treasurer;
  • ensures compliance with SwimBC, SNC, and MSABC registration and payment requirements.


  • is responsible for taking and producing the minutes of the Board and General Meetings, and distributing them to the Board Members within 14 days of the meeting;
  • assembles the agenda and distributes it to all Board Members prior to a Board Meeting;
  • is responsible for collecting all Board directed correspondence and keeping files as directed by the Board of Directors;
  • is responsible for distributing Board Communications to the members;
  • is responsible for filing the Annual Report with the Registrar of Companies within 14 days of the Annual General Meeting.


  • assists the President and performs all duties of the President when the President is absent;
  • strikes and monitors all Club committees;
  • is responsible for keeping all Club insurance policies in good standing;
  • is responsible for ensuring the compliance of the Club with all municipal, provincial, and federal laws and regulations, as well as all reporting requirements in connection with the laws and regulations.