Patriots Rant


I'm not a diver, or a track star,
and I don't dribble a ball,
or play with a racquet.
And I don't know Jimmy, Sally or Suzy from Calgary,
although if I meet them at Repsol I’m certain they'd be really, really nice.

I spend my weekends at the pool... not the mall.
I set goals and work to achieve them all,
and I call it freestyle, not front crawl.

I can proudly use my country's flag in my team logo.
I believe in excellence, not mediocrity,
hard work not laziness,
and the path to greatness is as important as the destination.

A paddle belongs on your hand not it a boat.
A cap is made of silicone and a fastskin is a bathing suit.
Stick kick is a lot harder than it looks,
and there is nothing quite like the feeling of a set well done.

Calgary is the fastest growing city in Canada,
the number one city in swimming,
And a fantastic place to grow up.

My name is ________________
and ... I ... AM ... A ... PATRIOT!