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High School Fitness

High School Fitness 

2018 High School schedule here

Swimmers in this group are grade 7 and up students wanting to further advance their skills while maintaining fitness levels & a healthy attitude towards exercise.  This group is non-competitive and allows for a balance of high school/middle school student homework demands and other extra-circular activities.  This group has 3 swim practices per week


-Swimmers need to be a attending high school or be a minimum 12 years of age to participate in High School Fitness group.  

Expectations of swimmers:

-Swimmers are encouraged to attend as many sessions as they can throughout the week, but coaches do understand that swimmers in this group may have other commitments outside of the pool.

-Swimmers are aiming for maintaining or improving their fitness 

-Swimmers are encouraged to attend one swim meet per year (as allowed by swim bc insurance).  

-Swimmers are committed and responsible for their own success at this level, by coming to every session ready to train, improve, and have fun! Swimmers understand that the work they put in will directly effect their results throughout the season.

Expectations of swimmer / parents:

-Make sure to have your swimmer at the pool on time with all required equipment.

-To contact coach if swimmer will be missing practice or event.

- Stay informed on upcoming events by checking the website, bulletin boards, as well as talking to your swimmers coach.

Required Gear and Equipment:

Goggles, cap (for swimmers with hair past their ears), one piece swim suit for girls, and a jammer or brief speedo for boys. 

Practice Information:

Swimmers in the high school group practice 3x per week, with each practice consisting of 15 minutes of activation, plus 1.0 - 1.5 hours of swimming.

Schedule for 2017-2018 season (subject to change):

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AM Off Off Off Off Off 5:45-7:30am Off
PM Off 5:45-7:00pm Off 5:45-7:00pm Off Off Off