CRKW "I Can Swim" Program Information

If you are unable to make it to Registration Day, please contact ICS Coordinator Cheri Millns at to set up a skill assessment!


I Can Swim will be offered during three 10 week sessions:

Fall - September  to December annually

Winter - January  to March annually

Spring - April  to June annually

Fee Structure

Did you know that as a member of SwimBC you may be eligible for funding through Kidsport or Jumpstart when registering for our programs.


Guide for transferring from other programs

*Swimmers will still need to have an assessment done for group placement as this guide does not always provide an accurate transfer

We are very excited to be offering the "I Can Swim" program to Campbell River. Please check out the I Can Swim website, if you have any questions about what the program offers.

Online registration for the Spring 2020 session is opening soon (March 16)! Spring session will run Monday, March 30 2020 to June 1 2020. There will be two Monday class on June 8 and June 15 to make up for Easter Monday (April 13) and Victoria Day (May 18).

Children learn to swim better, faster!

I Can Swim is the most effective learn-to-swim program in Canada. The program content, methods and skilled Teacher and Coaches ensure children learn to swim faster, learn more skills, and learn more rapidly then in any other program.?

Swimmers learn different skills at different rates. Unlike other programs, I Can Swim focuses on each swimmer's unique needs and current developmental abilities. Rather then grouping skills into narrow bands and using a pass/fail approach, I Can Swim is designed to let children learn individual skills at their own pace with continual rewards and recognition.

Where more rigid formats can lead to swimmers becoming discouraged or bored, our flexible, and learner-centered approach means children are continuously motivated to improve their own individual performance.

The primary goal of I Can Swim is to develop excellent swimming skills and a true love of aquatic activities. Children who are challenged, have fun and enjoy success in the water and are more likely to become life-long swimmers. our mission is promote positive, active, healthy lifestyles through programs that encourages participation, fun and success!

CRKW offers the following six ICS levels:

Dolphins 1 (30 minutes) - This level is for new swimmers entering the program that are at least 3 years old. Swimmers will swim once a week or twice a week?for 30 minutes. The focus at this level is to provide a comfortable and safe environment for swimmers first independent water experience. Fundamental Movement Skills are introduced at this level

Dolphins 2 (30 minutes) - This level is for the intermediate young swimmer, likely taking lessons for the first time. This level is for swimmers that are comfortable being independent in the water. Swimmers are introduced to stroke progressions on their front and back, as well as the deep water.

Dolphins 3 (30 minutes) - This level is for swimmers that are comfortable in the water, and will be working towards stroke progressions for Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly.

Stage 1 (45 minutes) - Stage 1 is for swimmers 5 or older where the focus is on establishing a sound base that swimmers will build on throughout the program.

Stage 2 (45 minutes) - Stage 2 is for swimmers focusing on skill development. This level focuses on basic movements and orientation ability needed for all 4 strokes, like arm actions, sculling, and breathing. Swimmers

Stage 3 (2 x 1 hour) - Swimmers in stage 3 are working towards potentially joining the competitive program in the future. This level focuses on basic movements and orientation ability needed for all 4 strokes, like arm actions, sculling, and breathing.