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Mini-Whales Blue


Mini Whale Blue

2017/2018 Mini Whale Blue schedules:

Tuesday/Thursday: 4:45-5:00 activation, 5:00-6:00 swim
Friday: 5:00-5:15 activation, 5:15-6:30 swim

Mini Whale Blue builds on what was learnt in Mini Whale White while providing more opportunities for development of aerobic capacity and speed. Mini Whale Blue swimmers build upon their existing skill base by developing further race skills such as IM turns and relay takeovers as well as by joining Mini Whale Black for one practice weekly. At this level, swimmers are introduced to goal setting and performance tracking through use of a workbook provided by the coach.


- Graduation from the Mini Whale White program or a recommendation from a coach

- Completion of Red Cross level 7 (able to swim four lengths of the pool)

- Elementary School aged

Expectations of swimmers:

- Will attend all practices with a great attitude and eagerness to learn

- Attend time trials, local invitational meets, and any stroke camps offered

- Aim to race at a pace of less than 60 seconds/50m in short races, less than 75 seconds/50m in mid-distance races

Expectations of parents:

- Make sure to have the swimmer at the pool on time with all required equipment

- Contact the coach if the swimmer will be missing a practice or meet

- Stay informed of upcoming events by checking the website, bulletin boards, as well as talking to the coach

Required Gear and Equipment:

- Goggles

- Cap (for all swimmers whose hair exceeds eyebrow length)

- Snorkel

- Water bottle

- One-piece swimsuit for girls

- Jammer, square, or brief swimsuit for boys 

For swim meets, swimmers should have all of the above equipment plus their blue CRKW t-shirt, sweatpants, several towels, healthy snacks, and a time-occupying activity.

Practice Information:

Swimmers in Mini Whale Blue practice three times weekly, with two practices consisting of 15 minutes of activation followed by 60 minutes in the pool, and the third practice consisting of the same activation and 75 minutes in the pool. Swimmers are also invited to time trials which happen on various weekends throughout the year as well as competitions hosted by other clubs.

Registration for the Mini Whale Blue program is ongoing. If you are interested in a skill assessment or require further information about this or any other Mini Whale program, please contact 
Assistant Head Coach Sarah MacDonald at