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Orca Black

Orca Black

2018 Orca Black Schedule here

Swimmers in the Orca Black group are AA/AAA level swimmers with the goal of reaching their Swim 
BC AAA Standard or their AGN Standard. In this group the focus is still on technical development and 
fundamental skill development, with an introduction to different training techniques. This is a 
competitive group, and all areas of competition will be covered, including goal setting and nutrition. The focus will be on developing IM swimmers, with development continuing over all four strokes. Swimmers in the Orca Black group have shown dedication to the sport. Commitment to the full Orca Black program including practice schedule, meet schedule and camps throughout the season is asked of both swimmers and parents at this level. 


-Graduation from the Orca Blue or Mini-Whale Black program based on age.

-Swimmers in Orca Black should have 2 AA provincial qualifying standards (exceptions may arise)

-Ages match MiddlSchool

Expectations of swimmers:

-Swimmers are held to the expectation of attending 90% of the training sessions, with the ultimate goal of attending each offered session in the program.

-Swimmers are aiming for their AAA Provincial qualification standard or AGN standard. 

-Swimmers are committed to attending all camps, swim meets, and social events that are offered throughout the season. 

-Swimmers are committed to attending all of their championship meets of which they are qualified for.

-Swimmers are commited and responsible for their own success at this level, by coming to every session ready to train, improve, and have fun! Swimmers are excited to excel, and are working towards taking the next step in their swimming journey. 

Expectations of parents:

-Make sure to have your swimmer at the pool on time with all required equipment.

-To contact coach if swimmer will be missing practice or event.

- Stay informed on upcoming events by checking the website, bulletin boards, as well as talking to your swimmers coach.

Required Gear and Equipment:

Goggles, cap (for swimmers with hair past their ears), one piece swim suit for girls, and a jammer or brief speedo for boys. For swim meets, swimmers should have all of the above equipment, plus their CRKW t-shirt, as well as team jacket is needed for swimmers representing the club at AAAs, AGNs, and Senior Nationals. Swimmers are also recommended to have a CRKW swimsuit for competitions, or a plain black one-piece suit or jammer. A racing suit is also recommended for use at focus meets throughout the season. In their equipment bag swimmers need their own flippers, snorkel, pull-buoy, and paddles. Having their own kickboard is optional.

Practice Information:

Swimmers in Orca Black practice 6x per week, with each practice consisting of 15-30 minutes of activation, plus 1.5-2.0 hours of pool time . Swimmers are also expected to attend all dryland sessions that are scheduled throughout the week. Meet schedule will be available at the beginning of the season to help families better plan their year.

Schedule for 2017-18 season (subject to change):

Practices start September 5th

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AM w/Prov Gold by Invite Off Off 5:45-8:00am Off 5:45-7:30am Off
PM 4:45-6:30pm 3:15-5:00pm 4:45-6:30pm Off 3:15-5:15pm Off Off
Dryland   5:00-5:45pm on deck   3:30-4:30pm w/SG      

**Dryland session times have not yet been added to schedule.