Volunteer Responsibilities
Volunteer Responsibilities
Understanding your Responsibilities

As members of Cascade Swim Club you are required to support the club in the following ways:

  • Points program
  • Bingo program
  • Officials training
Points Program

The Points Program is in place to ensure that the workload is equally shared amongst our members. The majority of the workload comes from hosting swim meets. There is some other work required that's not related to meets, like silent auction planning, squad parent volunteering, and other ad hoc committees but we definitely require the most help when it comes to hosting a great meet for the swimmers. It takes between 50-450 volunteers, depending on the level of the meet, to run any one meet.

How many Points do I need?
Your points commitment depends on the group your swimmer is in. See the Points Program page for specific point requirements for each group. If you have more than one swimmer with the club your commitment is only for the points of the highest level swimmer.

At the start of each year the club will assess the number of points required by group and session. It is your responsibility to work the total points assessed by the deadline so that you do not incur a charge on your account. Each point that is not worked is assessed a $100 penalty which is added to your account.

You will find more information on the Points Program page under the Members menu.

Bingo Program

The money we raise through Bingo?s account for approximately 10% of our total budgeted revenue each year. Bingo?s are a required commitment for all competitive level families.

How many Bingos do I need to work?
Your Bingo commitment depends on the group your swimmer is in. See the Bingos page for specific bingo requirements for each group. Unlike the points program, your requirements are for each swimmer not by the highest level swimmer in your family.

What do I have to do?
Volunteering for a bingo means you work a shift at the Bingo being hosted by Cascade. We host our Bingo?s at The Bingo Barn. You will receive emails from the bingo coordinator letting you know that the opportunity to sign up for bingos has opened. You then log into your Cascade account and on the home page under Events you choose Bingo/Officiating/Other and select the date and shift you want. You will receive training when you arrive if you have not worked a bingo. Be sure to let the organizer know you are new.

What if I can't make the shift I sighed up for?
There is a $225 penalty charged to your account ($450 for a double bingo) if you sign up for a bingo and do not show up for your shift or provide 72 hours notice. The bingo coordinator can be emailed at bingo@cascadeswimming.com

Can I buy out my Bingos?
You are given the opportunity at the beginning of the year to buy out your bingos for $75 a bingo. You must notify the bingo coordinator by December 1 st that you would like to do a buy out. If you do not notify the club by December 1 st you may not buy out your shifts.

You will find more information on the Bingo Program page under the Members menu.



Officials Training

Swim meets require many volunteers in many different positions. Many of these positions require you to take a class and be trained. In order to maintain enough trained officials to run a swim meet we require members to take a class and train in a new position each year you are with the club. There is an officiating deposit added to your registration to help support this initiative. Once you are trained in a new poistion the deposit is refunded to your account.

How do I get my Officiating Deposit back?
You get your officiating deposit by becoming trained in a new officiating position. If that position requires you to take a course, then you must addend the course (classroom or online). Next, you must shadow the position in at least one swim meet session. Once you've completed these requirements you can email the Certification Lead to request your deposit back.

You will find more information on the Officiating page under the Members menu.