Squad Parents
Squad Parents
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Competitive Group

Squad Parent Name


Olympic Way

Mike Sushelnisky


JAG Gold

Elsa Campos


JAG Blue

Kristi Hallett


TAG Gold

Cecilia Craig


TAG Blue

Cathy Dowler


Senior Select


Performance Jr

Cynthia Launiere-Zielke


Performance Sr

Cynthia Launiere-Zielke



The Squad Parent Role

This Squad Parent is a key position for enhancing the communication lines between parent and club, parent and coach and parent and club management.  This role earns half your total points requirement per season. Responsibilities include:


  • Receiving and reviewing the Cascade Club news relevant to their level. Provide this same information to their competitive group as needed. The Friday Night News Flash, Coaches Corner, and website will be sources of key information for parents which the squad parents can utilize.
  • Liaison with Cascade leaders and committee chairs. These may include Meet Management, Officiating, Silent Auction, Club Manager, and the Coaching team.
  • Receive information and questions from the membership group, and liaison with the correct leader above to provide answers to the best of your ability.
  • Work with the coach to communicate athlete plans, goals, and key deadlines to the membership.
  • Work with the Cascade Board to deliver strategic plan goals and strategies.


  • Recruit from the membership for swim meets as required, notify of needs as reported by the Meet Manager and Officiating Director for each meet.
  • Recruit volunteers for special functions such as the Silent Auction, Newsletter content, Swim A Thon, and membership group holiday and year-end gatherings.


  • Plan and organize holiday year end activities with coaching team and membership group.
  • Plan and organize special activities (birthdays, coach gifts, etc….) as it seems fit.