2018/19 Welcome Messages
What is new for 2018/19
This is a new season and after five decades of doing things in a fairly consistent way the club is implementing a number of changes to help streamline processes and simplify the way in which our members interact with the club. Website updates are ongoing and coming this fall our site will be mobile friendly for the first time. All the pertinent club information you will ever need is being posted to the club website - including all the information your membership package would normally have provided you in year's past.
1. A simplified fee structure
Cascade has undergone a simplification of its fee structure for the 2018-2019 season.

Swimmers now only pay three fees: Registration, Membership and Officiating deposit.

Please check out Programs to view the new fee structure for each of the groups.

2. All fees are now processed by credit card online

New this year - all fees are being processed online through the Cascade website in order to facilitate efficiencies in that area and there are no longer any credit card administration fees.

All members will store their credit card information online on the club website.

All fees will be automatically processed on the 1st of the month, every month.

If you have any questions about this new payment structure please contact the accounting department.

3. Bingos are no longer mandatory

For the last 50 years bingo has been a mandated requirement for our members. For the 2018-2019 season that is no longer the case and now bingo revenue will be able to be directed to our members to offset their membership expenses - even better there now is NO LIMIT to how many bingo shifts a member can work! More information is available on the bingo page.


Club President's Message


Dear Cascade Members

On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to welcome all swimmers, families and Cascade coaches and staff to the 2018-2019 Swim Season.

We closed off the 50th Anniversary year in the spring celebrating our history of not only success in the pool, but the positive development of so many young swimmers. As we continue to honour this tradition of developing well rounded, respectful, confident and committed young adults - this coming season will bring with it some exciting changes to the club both in program offerings and administration.

We announced early this year some changes to our admin staff which we believe will help service our membership with additional support and provide better communication and response to our membership needs. Coming in 2019, one of the potentially biggest impacts to the Cascade Swim Club in the last 35 years - the opening of the Seton Recreational facility. Cascade has been working hard to ensure we have a big presence at this new 50m - 10 lane facility. It will afford us the opportunity to grow our programs in communities which we feel are currently under-serviced with respect to providing swim training opportunities. We hope to not only grow, but be able to improve our quality of our current programs given the additional support space and offerings of this facility.  Look for updates on our new space allocations and program moves to Seton coming in the new year.

Swim Alberta continues to make changes to the competition format and we hope this year will provide better opportunities for our swimmers. The new format will see the creation of Swim Alberta Festival for 10&U females and 11&U males swimmers in order to provide provincial competition exposure at this age. The Provincial Competition will no longer be split between North and South and will reintroduce the heats and finals format. The age groups will mirror those at the Championship level and Provincial event winners will automatically qualify for the Swim Alberta Championships. Swimmers with 2 championships standards will be ‘de-qualified’ from this meet as having the 2 time standards will qualify them for the Swim Alberta Championships. All swimmers qualifying for Championships will be eligible to race up to seven events. Confused? Not to worry…. Coaches will help clarify this information in the fall and will confirm the meets your child qualifies for as the season progresses.  

In the pool, our swimmers continued to excel at all levels. At the Summit Awards in the fall, we will recognize swimmers who achieved ‘Firsts’, whether that be Provincial, Championship, Western, National and World Trials qualifying times as well as being named to a Provincial and National Teams.

As I said…. too many accomplishments to mention and haven’t even touched on the national, provincial and club records! Stay tuned for all of these and more recognitions at our Summit Awards in October.

A big thank you to our volunteers: our board members and parents who allow us to maintain one of the most successful swim clubs in the country! We continue to host well organized and efficient meets that clubs from across the country and beyond continue to support. Thank you to all that have made Cascade and our meets a huge success this season.

Before closing, I would like to acknowledge the passing of Lenore Lyons a long time parent, board member and officiating coordinator who passed away this year. Lenore was a significant contributor to our club and will be greatly missed by many. 

Once again, I would like to thank all of our membership for their support over the last season on all fronts. I believe Cascade will continue to excel at all levels from the Junior Circuit to the National team competitions. I would like to thank my fellow Board members and Cascade families as I am appreciative of their continued support in  ensuring another successful year for our club.


Kim Connell



Head Coach & Director of Swimming's Welcome


Welcome to the 2018-19 swimming season with the Cascade Swim Club!

Following on from the strong performances from the previous season the Cascade Swim Club reached new heights in 2017-18 season with great swims from our swimmers every time they were asked to perform. As a club we always strive to be ready to go at the three key moments in the season: December, March / April and then again in July / August - and we always are. What people do not always appreciate is - just how hard that is to achieve on an ongoing basis and our ability to do this is a credit to our great coaching staff and swimmers who are always ready to learn. This program dimension of performing at their best in the championship season in the end game situation is a desired and sought after outcome by all coaches and swimmers and this Cascade characteristic was alive and well all throughout all of the 2017-18 season’s major events.

Some of our club’s achievement at the highest levels are almost too extensive to name but we will try and give you a brief overview of the year. Hot off the Presses - Alex Pratt (Swim Alberta’s Junior Swimmer of the Year) was named to the Canadian Senior Pan Pacific National Team heading to Tokyo in August (don’t miss the 1st day of competition on the 9th)!  Alex was also named to the Youth Olympic Games team (Buenos Aires) and the Junior Pan Pacific team (Fiji) along with teammates Sebastian Somerset, Cole Pratt and Alex Katelnikoff. I was given the great honour of being named the men’s team head coach and will be there right alongside our swimmers. Cascade placed the most swimmers of any club on to the Junior Pan Pac team which is a great accomplishment and testament to the strength of the organization. It takes a village to raise a swimmer!

Morgan Bird was not only Swim Alberta’s Para Swimmer of the Year along with her Coach Wendy Johnson, she set a Canadian Record in the 50 fly this season and won a Commonwealth Games Silver medal in the 50 Free!

National Junior Team development camps in Victoria, South Africa and Trinidad had representation from Cascade’s Alex Pratt, Alex Katelnikoff, Cole Pratt, Sebastian Somerset, Coach Wendy and Coach Dave.

Alex Katelnikoff attended the Open Water World Cup in Hong Kong and Beijing and Ava Free was named to Canada’s Junior Open Water Team to compete in Israel this fall.

In late April in Victoria Cascade powered to their second consecutive Western Canadian Championships winning the Overall point score, the Men’s Team point score and the Championship medal count with many great swims. The above swimmers and some exciting new faces - Ella Varga, Alexandra Butler, Matt Ketchin and Matt Cyr on both the men’s and women’s side of the program stepped up.

Members of the Alberta Summer Games, Discover and Emerge Teams included - Devon Angus, Tillie Claggett, Peyton Morey, Ella Varga, Corah Wilson, Addison Butler, Roan Clifford, Adam Connell, Mathieu Cyr, Caleb Gaine, Stephen Hou, Cole Pratt, Kian Pratt, Dawson Sheehan, Kadin Werner Enns and Hayden Woodrow.

As we progressed into the summer championship season Cascade swimmers represented the program with strong swims at the provincial level and regional level championships and the balance and strength of the development program continues to improve. One of our bigger wins was the Boys’s Team Champions Banner at the Canadian Junior Championships!

Now moving forward into the Olympic cycle and the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 the energy is in the air for the next great performances on the provincial, national and world stage by Cascade swimmers. CASCADE is developing into a strong contributor to the story of swimming on the city, provincial, national and world stage. We are playing in the big leagues of swimming and we can, and we have to, continue to lift our game at all levels in the club.

The Cascade program prides itself on building not only great swimmers but even more importantly great people who are also great citizens and representatives of their family, the swim community, their community, Calgary, Alberta, Canada and of course the Cascade Swim Club.

With our Cascade model embracing Canada’s sport for life philosophy and Long Term Athlete Development principles the well-structured continuum of the program, the excellent coaching of the swimming program offered by Cascade, and the great spirit of the swimmers, their parents and the leadership group has positioned Cascade as one of the leading Canadian programs and the industry standard for swimming.  All of our Cascade swimmers will be taught excellent values, life skills and disciplines and as well will be in one the world’s leading swimming performance programs. Swimmers will experience the wonderful lessons to be learned from being challenged and trained under the tutelage of our staff and will share in the excitement of our cutting edge approach.

Led by our excellent and experienced coaching staff:  Wendy Johnson, Ildi Deliu, Marc Tremblay Jasen Pratt, Kristina Crook, Sandy Ferris, and Jackie Pratt the Cascade program has a strong base of swimmers competing from the grass roots level through to the provincial representative teams and even all the way up to the Youth, Junior and Senior Canadian National Teams. 

That is all for us right now - while we are prepping for the new season - this one is still going on for about twenty of our kids. We just are in the midst of getting a group out and back to Victoria for the Midsummer Madness meet; another group readying themselves for the Junior Pan Pacs in Fiji; a smaller contingent in preparation for the Open Water World Junior Championships in Israel in September.

That doesn’t touch what just went on in the last couple of weeks! We just finished up Canadian Junior Championships (with the boy’s team taking the title! and the combined girls and boys finishing second overall!!); before that we had a stellar crew lighting it up on the 22nd-23rd of July of the Alberta Summer Games and just before that - Alexander Pratt swam himself on to Canada’s Senior National Team that is off in Tokyo right now and Morgan Bird made her way on to the Canadian National Para team that is in Australia Para Pan Pacs. If you are not yet - you have got to, got to, follow us on social media for updates throughout the rest of the summer.

Looking forward to seeing you on the deck and for a successful continuation of the CASCADE way.

Swimming Faster, Swimming better


Respect, Integrity & Commitment – the Cascade Way!

Coach Dave

David M. Johnson

Director of Swimming and Head Coach



Welcome from the Club Manager

Welcome to the 2018-2019 Swimming Season!

The Cascade Swim Club had another banner year this past season winning a variety of different championships at the provincial, western and junior national level while managing to put swimmers on Canadian teams that were off representing all of us, all over the world!

As always there were also number of young swimmers achieving countless “firsts” throughout the year whether those firsts were achieving their first “provincial” time, managing their first length of “butterfly”, or just managing to their first full length of “freestyle” in our learn-to-competitive swim program - they were all very exciting milestones for these swimmers.

As Calgary’s oldest swim club (this is year 51!) we have seen thousands of swimmers go through our program all becoming competent and safe in the water with a number of them going on to have successful competitive swimming careers. We are proud of each and every one of those swimmers and all their accomplishments.

There are a few changes this year with the Cascade program. Not only have we integrated training time at the brand new SETON pool (opening in January of 2019) but we have been working online, on the deck and in the office to streamline and become more efficient in a number of different process areas. We have a new office position, our office manager position, which sees Jen Baethke expand her role to include the day to day accounting of the club. Also, new this season:

  1. All fees will now be taken through credit card through Cascade website - with no admin fees.
  2. We have a simplified fee structure in place.
  3. Bingo will no longer be mandatory but you will be eligible to receive a $75 credit on to your account for bingo that you do work with no limit as to how many you work in any given season
  4. All families will now be asked to have one parent member complete the Respect in Sport online program while all athletes aged 13&O will also need to complete the program.
  5. Junior Olympic Way (JOW) - now runs the full year.
  6. We have a Casino this year - best free steak (if you come and volunteer) in the business at the Cash Casino - happening March 20th & 21st!

So, those are the changes upcoming, in a general “nutshell” kind of why, what do they mean for you the member of our club?


Going through these changes from the beginning it means that if your swimmer in in Olympic Way, JAG Blue, or JAG Gold your regular day-to-day training will be at SETON come January, 2019. A preliminary schedule has already been sent out at the end of the season (for most of us) and there may be some slight adjustments too it which we will keep everyone apprised of - the first was a typo correction for JAG Gold - their MW start time is actually 4:30PM and not 4:00PM.


For fee payments it means that everyone will be putting their credit card information online with the website and all fees will be charged on that credit card automatically and then on the 1st of the month, every month for any other outstanding charges (i.e. meet fees, equipment, etc.). There are no longer any administrative fees associated with using credit cards through our site. This should eliminate the bottleneck in the office caused by manually processing fees during the busy times of the season (ie registration in the fall) as well remove the need for people to physically come down to the office to make payment.


Bingos and that policy have been updated to conform with all new AGLC guidelines in place meaning that they are not mandatory but if you decide to work them you can put those credits towards your fees. So, while you are no longer obligated to work any bingos it has now become a great way to offset fees by working them and accruing credit in your account.


The Respect In Sport program is the leading edge industry standard in now in this field across the country endorsed by the the Canadian Olympic Committee, Hockey Canada, Hockey Calgary and many, many more.

The program educates our swimmers, coaches and staff to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination. It is designed to help create a safe, healthy and respectful environment for all participants. Best of all, for your swimmer, there is no cost as the club will be paying the fees as we view this as an extremely important area for development for your young swimmer. The cost for the parent is just $12. Your swimmer, aged 13 years and up, will be required to take the “Activity Leader” course (once every two years) as a condition of membership and one-parent per family will have to take the course (one parent every year - but feel free to alternate between parent one and parent two). The aim of being part of this program is to provide a better, more productive community for our swimmers, parents, officials and members. This new program is a great step in the right direction. If you want to find out more about Respect In Sport - check out their website here.

The Casino, eating there, working it with friends and family, its a lot of fun - so don’t forget to sign up!

Summer here is, so far, pretty nice and hot - enjoy it! Then, after all that fun in the sun, we look forward to seeing you all back here in the fall for the start of the 2018-2019 season.

Respect, Integrity & Commitment

Jasen Pratt

Club Manager