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There are two ways to complete your officiating course(s)


Cascade posts upcoming clinics under our Events.  Click on the Bingo/Officiating/Other tab to view.

These courses are generally held in a classroom setting (ie. University of Calgary), in the evening for a few hours.

You can also take a look at the Swim Alberta menu for Clinic Dates


Online courses are available if you are unavailable to take a classroom course.  Level I - Introduction to Swimming Officiating Clinic as well as some Level II courses are available online through Swimming Canada Online Clinics.  If you have not taken any courses yet you should select Introduction to Swimming Officiating.  Once you have taken this Level I course the next course you should take is Jude of Stroke/Inspector of Turns and then proceed through the remaining Level II courses.

To familiarize yourself with certification please read the Certification Process for Alberta and Canada document which is published by Swim Alberta.  

Remember you are only required to take one course per family per year to receive your officiating deposit back.

Once completed, print off the Online Clinic Form and send to the Certification Lead of the Cascade Swim Club.


For parents of swimmers in our competitive programs 

[Olympic Way, JAG and TAG Groups and Performance]

Our swim meets run on parent power and officiating:

  • Each Cascade family must have at least one parent take at least one officiating clinic per swim year until completion of all Level I & Level II courses

  • The person taking the course must become certified to work that position - which means shadowing (if required) and then having the meet referee sign off on you having worked the position according to the Swim AB requirements.

  • In order to increase the number of qualified Level l, Level ll and higher officials, each family is assessed a $150.00 officiating deposit as a part of their fees. This deposit will be processed as a part of your September fees.

  • *Once you have taken your course and have become certified you must email the Cascade Swim Club's Certification Lead so we can add it to our records.  This is the only way we know if you have taken a course; at which time your officiating deposit will be returned.*

Officiating training is managed by Swim Alberta. Please read up on how this all works - the Officials Certification Procedures Information. Once you finish a course, you will be required to work with an experienced volunteer to shadow and learn each role (of the course you have completed).  

​​If you have any questions or concerns please CONTACT US  


1.  The Cascade Office (Officials Coordinator: Non-Hosted Meet) will receive a request from the host club to put out a 'Call for Officials.'

2.  An e-mail will be sent to families attending the Meet and request that those who are interested in volunteering provide their full name and the position they are qualified for. 

3.  The host team may or may not use any one from that list.

4.  The Host Club may send us the roster list, at which time we will post it in our "News."  This information will be confirmed usually two to three days before the meet.  If it is not on our webpage, please visit the homepage of the Hosting team's meet, to see if your name appears on the roster. 

       Alberta Swim Club Directory

5.  If your name does not appear on the roster, you can go to the Officials Room at the start of a session and see whether they might be short officials and volunteer. 

6.  Should you volunteer last minute, make sure you put 'CASCADE' next to your name on the sign up.  Consider leaving your cell number with the Officials Coordinator (when the 'call for officials' is sent out). Should the Host Club require someone last minute, you may be called.

7.  The Officials coordinator, from the host club, will provide the list to the Cascade Club      officials coordinator and we will credit your account with the point(s).