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Swimmer Dress Code

Swimmer Dress Code

At the Comox Valley Aquatic Club we want to develop and foster Team Spirit.  One of the ways in which we do this is by training together as a team and looking like a team.  The Sharks Shirt and Swim Cap you were given at registration is very much a part of that.  We not only want the kids in our club to feel a part of the team but we want to be visually recognized by everyone on the deck as belonging to the "Sharks". 


We expect that all swimmers dress appropriately whether they are just present on deck for a practice, in the water or at a swim meet.

On Deck:  Swimmers should be wearing their shark shirt.

Practices:  All swimmers should be wearing their club issued Sharks Swim Cap.

Swim Meets:  All swimmers should be in their Sharks Attire which include Shark Shirt, Sharks Swim Cap and Shark Track Suit (optional).