Volunteer Commitment

Blue Devils Swim Club Commitment

In order for the Blue Devils Summer Swim Club to run successfully we require the participation of all parents/guardians in the form of Club Commitment Shifts. At registration, each swimmer requires his/her parents or guardian to sign up for two Club Commitment Shifts. The Volunteer Coordinator is present to outline expectations and assist in choosing an opportunity.

All parents will provide post dated cheques for $200.00 per swimmer. This cheque will only be cashed if your shifts are not fulfilled. The option to buy out your shifts is $200.00 per swimmer and only available at the time of registration. However, remember it is only possible to run a swim club program with the help of all parents. The swim club could not operate if all parents chose to buy out their shifts. Your cheques are destroyed when your shifts are completed. Remember, these are times and activities YOU have chosen!

It is extremely important to distinguish Club Commitment Shifts from the volunteer expectations for swim meets. The club commitments made at the time of registration are the only way to operate a swim club. Volunteer parent participation at swim meets is the only way to operate a swim meet. Many returning families will be available to orient new parents to the various swim meet functions (such as timing, marshalling, place judging, and so on). THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO LEARN ABOUT SWIMMING AND OUR SWIMMERS! DON’T HESITATE TO JUMP IN AND LEARN!

To summarize, here are the expectations at the time of registration:

1. Complete a registration form for each child participating;
2. Choose dates/commitments for your two shifts per swimmer;
3. Submit cheque/cash for registration fees;
4. Submit $200 post-dated cheques for Club Commitment shifts as a deposit;
5. Sign up for fundraising or submit cheque/cash for $40 in lieu of fundraising event.