Sea Lions Staff

Sea Lions Staff

The Sea Lions Swim Club is fortunate to have an incredibly talented and energetic staff.  Each individual brings unique qualities, knowledge, and skills to our swimmers who will benefit greatly from their expertise!

For more information about our staff, please see the following tabs or buttons on the Sea Lions website (

  • The Coaches button (on side/right menu on the home page) lists all of our coaches and their contact information.
  • The Physical Literacy section under the Swim Groups tab provides information about the land-based training programs that complement the Sea Lions swim program.
  • The Nutrition tab includes information about access to the CWC nutritionist who provides guidance to the Sea Lions.

During the swim season, the main form of communication from the coaches to parents will be through e-mails and the Sea Lions Website:  Please check the website on a regular basis for updates.  If parents have a concern or question, they are asked to contact the coach(es) by e-mail.  

Contact information for all coaches is provided under the Coaches button on the Sea Lions Home Page.  Parents are encouraged to email coaches to set up individual meetings.