A guiding principle of the CWC Sea Lions Swim Club is that there are direct correlations between practice and meet attendance, swimmer performance improvement, overall team and group morale, and team and group improvement.  It is expected that all Sea Lions swimmers will attend all practices and meets whenever possible.  Also, this commitment is increasingly vital to the success of the swimmer as the swimmer progresses. 

Attendance, though not the only factor, is taken into account by the Head Coach in determining the positioning of swimmers into the following:

  • age and/or ability-based groups for each swim season;
  • advancement within the swim club; and
  • selection of appropriate meets and camps to attend.


For most camps, meets, or events, it is important for parents to officially accept or decline on the Sea Lions website.  This provides critical planning information for coaches that relates to overall costs and individual swimmer charges.


If a swimmer needs to leave a practice, camp, meet, or event early, it is important for the swimmer to notify the coach on-deck and/or the adult supervisor (volunteer parent if it is a team builder event or a chaperone during a team travel event).  It is preferred that parents send an email to the swimmer's coach in advance so that coaches know that the swimmer's parents are aware as well.

It is also helpful to coaches to know when a swimmer is ill or injured and can no longer attend a practice, camp, meet, or event.