Swim Meets Overview

Swim Meets Overview

Swimmers will be competing in a number of swim meets throughout the season.

Jr. Stars & Stars Groups: 

These groups will be swimming mostly in Fundamental Meets (junior circuit meets), which occur approximately once per month and are generally held in and around Calgary. These are typically one-day meets, usually lasting about 4 hours.

Blue, White, Black, & Black Elite Groups: 

These groups will be swimming in Age Group meets where swimmers compete with others in their own age group.

Participation in Swim Meets:

Selection of swimmers is based on regular attendance at workouts, previous swimming performance, attitude, and enthusiasm.  The final decision for swim meet entries, in all cases, is left to the discretion of the coaches.  The swim meet schedule for the year will be posted on the Sea Lions website. 

The swim meets are posted on the website under the “Swim Meets” button.  More detailed information about each meet will be available via email and often through the host team’s website.

Please note:  If swimmers fail to indicate that they are not attending specific meets, they will be charged all appropriate entry fees, travel costs, and coaching fees, as the Sea Lions Swim Club will have incurred these expenses.

Entries List, Session Reports, Psych Sheets, Live Results:

During the week prior to the start of the meet, the coach will post a list of entries showing the races for each swimmer.  Session reports, psych sheets, and links to live results will also be posted if and when they become available – usually within the week prior to the meet.