Clothing & Equipment

Sea Lions Clothing & Equipment

Sea Lions Clothing & Equipment List:

The Sea Lions Clothing & Equipment List specifies the equipment required and/or recommended for each level of swimmer.  There will be opportunities at the beginning and end of the swim season to purchase swim suits, racing suits, and certain equipment.  Equipment that is not available at these organized ordering/purchase sessions can be purchased at the CWC Sports Shop, Team Aquatic Supplies, online sports consumer websites (e.g. Arena, Speedo, Tyr etc.), or sometimes other sports-related stores.

Sea Lions Clothing & Equipment List (Required and recommended items for each swim group)



Make sure goggles fit!  You will receive the best selection of goggles at Team Aquatic Supplies.  Ask for help from store staff.  Note:  goggles are non-refundable/non-returnable.


Team Aquatic Supplies (TAS) & Shark Card

Sea Lions Swim Club swimmers are eligible for a discount when making regularly priced purchases at Team Aquatic Supplies.  Using the “Shark Card” offers a 20% discount on all regularly priced items (beginning in September 2019).  The Shark Card (a discount digital card) is posted at the beginning of the season (see link below) and expires on August 31 (end of swim season).  If ordering directly from Team Aquatic, payment is made directly to Team Aquatic.  Only orders placed by the Sea Lions Clothing & Equipment Coordinator will be invoiced to the CWC and billed to member accounts.

Online Team Portal:
TAS has a CWC Sea Lions Team Portal on their website which enables the viewer to see recommended equipment items by swim group and to purchase online for delivery to your home. Don't forget to use our team's Shark Card Coupon Code. 
Note that fins can be tricky to size and swimmers are encouraged to make the trek to TAS for this item, especially if it is the swimmer's first pair. 
Sea Lions families need to log onto the Sea Lions website in order to use the Shark Card allocated to the CWC Sea Lions.  Contact the Sea Lions Websmaster for assistance with logging onto the website (see Contact Us tab).

Officiating Shirt

Officials are expected to wear white shirts and black bottoms.  Swim parents can order a Sea Lions officiating shirt (with Sea Lions logo) in the fall, if so desired. Details will be sent by the Sea Lions Clothing & Equipment Coordinator at the start of the swim season.  Otherwise, a professional-looking white shirt is all that is required.  Please see the Parents tab for more information about volunteering and becoming an official.