Age Group Competitive Swimming

Age Group Competitive Swimming

For age group swimmers, the competitive swim season is divided into two segments

SHORT course & LONG course.

The first part of the swim season, the short course season, runs from approximately September to February; the swim meets are held in 25-meter pools .

The second part of the swim season is the long course season.  The majority of meets during the long course season are held in 50-meter pools (April to July).

All swim meets in Alberta must follow the competition rules as described in the Swim Alberta Competition Guidelines.  A copy of these guidelines is posted on the Swim Alberta website (see the Links tab for quick access to this website).

Provincial Standards / Championship Standards:  Swim Alberta sets time standards that must be met in order to qualify for Alberta Provincial and Alberta Championship meets. These are “Provincial Standards” and “Championship Standards,” respectively.  Time standards are available on the Swim Alberta website and under the Stats tab on the Sea Lions website.