Welcome to the CWC Sea Lions Swim Club!

The Sea Lions Swim Club is a competitive swim club that has been an active part of the Calgary Winter Club since 1961.  Over the years, many Sea Lions swimmers have pursued successful swimming careers at National and University levels. 

The professional coaching staff and enthusiastic atmosphere of the Sea Lions Swim Club foster continued excellence by maintaining high standards of competitive swimming.
The CWC Sea Lions' mandate is as follows:

  • to foster excellence in all levels of our competitive swimming program; and
  • to instill self-confidence, a strong work ethic, goal setting skills, and lifelong active living skills in our swimmers

The Sea Lions' goal is to have swimmers enter the program at a developmental level, remain with the swim club until they graduate from high school, and have the opportunity to swim at a university level.  Swimmers who pursue excellence as a member of a competitive swim club learn discipline, commitment, and a competitive instinct that helps them in all aspects of their lives.  Swimming is an individual sport that is significantly enhanced by the team atmosphere of the swim club.  Sea Lions swimmers can take the skills they learn as competitive swimmers and apply them throughout their life in pursuit of personal excellence.

The Sea Lions Swim Club is made up of swimmers who are children of Calgary Winter Club members.  The Sea Lions will generally have between 60 and 90 swimmers.  Returning swimmers who wish to continue with the swim club are given the first opportunity to pre-register for the upcoming season. The remaining available spots are filled with successful candidates from the tryout (rookie) camps.