Frequently Asked Questions

Membership fees covers coaching, training fees for pool and land, required Swim Nova Scotia registration, two team caps, and incorporates MFC and competition entry fees.

What else will I have to pay aside from my registration fees? 

There is required apparel (team shirt and swim suit) and training equipment (assigned by squad) that families will need to order via the team portals (see Equipment in the drop down menu under the Register tab). As well, the membership fee does not include transport, food or accommodation for competitions that involve travel. If your swimmer qualifies for meets beyond the Nova Scotia region (such as Eastern Canadian Champs, Age Group Nationals, or Invitational competitions) there will be a separate meet fee for these competitions.    Any additional coaching or training fees associated with training through the summer will be determined on an annual basis by the Board of Directors.

What Equipment do I need?

All swimmers need a team swim suit, team swim cap, team shirt, goggles, and specific squad assigned training equipment.  Each squad's list of training equipment is located in the drop down menu 'Equipment' under the Register tab.

Where can I get the other equipment or clothing?

There are two team portals.  One for apparel and spirit ware is with Headline Sports:Crusaders Swim Club | Headline Promotional Products (  One for team swim suits and training related equipment is with Team Aquatic Supplies.  Team suits are ordered via the TAS Crusaders Portal (link tba) and equipment will be ordered via the TAS web site

What is Novatech?

Novatech is part of one of our squad names and it also refers to a category for entry level competitive swimmers.  The Novatech competition program has levels of skill competence and graduation within the program is associated with time standards.  Final graduation from the program into Age Group Level competition requires competent skills in the 200m Individual Medley, 200m Freestyle, and 25m flutter or dolphin kick.

What is the progression of competitive swimming in Nova Scotia?

The progression of swimming in Nova Scotia is explained in the Swim NS Long Term Development for swimmer athletes Descriptors of Competition Levels.

What are the qualifying times to enter the more competitive levels of swimming?

Different levels and meets have different qualifying times. There are links to the standards under the Coaching tab, as well as on the Swim NS web site:

Where do I find my child’s swim times?

Postings for all registered swimmers can be found using the OnDeck app and are posted on the Swimming Canada website

How can I find the ranking for my child’s times?

Check out rankings based on season, gender, stroke and distance, age group, and type of course at the Records and Rankings page on the Swimming Canada Website.

If I do not attend swim meets, will I pay a reduced fee?

No. The Crusaders philosophy is to encourage involvement in the sport of swimming. Registration fees, as noted above include meet entry fees.  Meet entry fees are charged by the host to cover pool rental and other expenses related to hosting a meet.  A competition calendar will be posted on the web site under the Calendar tab, and additional information will be circulated to the members.

Why are there different membership fees for Novatech and Age Group level competitions?

The difference in the NovaTech and AgeGroup fees is directly associated with the differences in hosting expenses for different pool facilities. When swimmers graduate from Novatech to Age Group level competitions there will be an adjustment in membership fees.

Is there a non-competitive category?

For swimmers who have training experience in the Junior and Senior squads, we currently have a Fitness squad that is limited in number and trains twice a week.  Swimmers in this squad do not compete.  The Program is reviewed on an annual basis, and may be terminated if lane space is needed for the competitive program.

How do I get credit for volunteering?

If you have volunteered with the Club, for example, officiated in any way at a swim meet, then send this information to [email protected] .  It is each family’s responsibility to report their hours. The information will then be posted to your volunteer credit account and balanced against the number of points required for your swimmers’ level in the Club and your year with the Club [link to this section in registration form]. The status of the balance in your account will be confirmed by email every time you report volunteer time. You may sign up for volunteering opportunities by reading our news updates and using the sign up sheets provided

What is the training policy for summer vs. winter swimmers?

The policy is set out on the Swim NS website under Summer Season

What do officials do on deck?

Descriptions for various officials may be found under the Resources section on the Swimming Canada website.

How can I become an official?

Regular training workshops for officials are organized through Swim NS and through Crusaders. For any related training activities for official a notice will be circulated to members via SPLASH.