Club Awards

Swim-a-Thon Brad Boyd Trophy 2021: Female – Jordyn McPhee , Male – Markus Harrison 

This trophy, named in honour of a long-time Assistant Age Group Coach, is awarded to the youngest swimmers who, during the swim-a-thon, complete 200 lengths of the pool in two hours.

Floyd Pickerl Trophy – Rookie of the Year 2021: Female – Nina Matens, Male – Markus Harison

This trophy, donated by the Pickerl family in memory of their father, is awarded to the swimmer(s) who, being first year competitive swimmers, show(s) promise and improvement.

Robin Fougere-Ferdinand Award - Female Award of Distinction 2021: Olivia Jodrey

This trophy, dedicated to a former Crusaders swimmer and Head Coach, is presented to the female swimmer who exhibits positive qualities as an individual athlete and teammate over the long term; plus shows leadership and gratitude, and generosity.

David Fry Trophy - Male Award of Distinction 2021: Jaeger Dwyer

This trophy, donated by a former Head Coach of the Crusaders, is presented to the male swimmer who exhibits positive qualities as an individual athlete and teammate over the long term; plus shows leadership, gratitude and generosity.

Dunn-Hemphill Memorial Trophy - Volunteer Award 2021:  Angela MacLeod

This trophy, dedicated to two former Crusaders Club Executive members, honours their contributions to Crusaders and the sport of swimming. This trophy is presented to an individual or a group who, as judged by the Crusaders Executive, has contributed significantly to the Club in terms of volunteer work

Ken Dunn served in the swimming community in many positions, which included a Crusaders executive member, a master official, a President of Swim Nova Scotia, and a member of the Board of Swim Canada. Ken brought focus to Crusaders as a swimming organization. He played a major role in bringing the 1997 Winter Nationals to Halifax.

Stephen Hemphill served Crusaders as an Executive member and official. His warmth, enthusiasm and strong interest in the vitality of the Club fostered Crusaders’s renowned high level of family participation. The Hy-Tek Meet manager software currently used by Crusaders was purchased by donations made to the Club in his memory.

Swim-a-thon Fastest Finishers 2021:  Sophia Deane and Luke Robers

These keeper trophies are presented to the two fastest finishers, one male and one female, to complete the swim-a-thon 5 km.

Sheila Landry Memorial Award 2021: Nicole Humble

Plaque awarded annually since 2018 in memory of Sheila Landry who tirelessly supported officials development, recruiting - training - and encouraging - parent commitment to support the sport, always with humor and persistent smile.