Blue Age Group

Blue Age Group

Swimmers in the Blue Age Group squad mainly progress from the Blue Novatech squad but may be screened and assessed for Blue Age Group squad from other year round or Summer swim clubs and occasionally from those who have completed the swim lesson levels. Swimmer placement is a combination of technical assessment and specific measures, along with considerations of athlete development for sport as determined by the coaching staff.

Blue Age Group swimmers are generally 9 to 12 years of age, are familiar with and have mastered the basic technique of all four competitive strokes, and are competent at dives from the starting block. The basic skills learned in Blue Novatech squad progress in complexity in the Blue Age Group squad.  Stroke skill work is matched with complimentary movement skils on land. Skill learning at this Fundamental to Learn to Train stage generally takes 2 to 4 years.  

Swimmers are generally expected to be in age group level competition but may be assigned to the Blue Age group squad when in Level 2 Novatech competition at the coach's discretion.  In the age group level competition the swimmer will usually have opportunities to compete once each month.

Blue Age Group squad swimmers have three pool practice sessions and one to three land training session per week depending on facility access.  The pool sessions range are usually 60 minutes but this is reviewed annually.