Add some info

After your registration has been approved (typically in a day or two), we need a bit more information for your account. (This information is available under For Members > Add Some Info.)

• sign in, then click "• My Account" link in the column on the left


A. Member/Athlete Profile

• towards the bottom of the Billing Account Configuration screen, click the name of the *Active swimmer that you want to edit
• on the Medical Information tab fill in relevant information, including any additional medical insurance
• click Save Changes


B. Billing Account Configuration

• click Edit Billing Account

• on the Billing Account Configuration page click the Guardians tab and provide names and phone numbers of guardians

• on the Insurance/Emergency Contact tab:
- Emergency Contact should contain a contact name other than the guardians
- Contact Phone should contain the emergency contact's phone number

• click Save Account Changes

Then the page will look something like this:

Thanks for your help with this. We appreciate your keeping your account information current.

If your contact information changes -- e-mail address, phone number, or address -- please update your Aurora Synchro account.


C. AquaSquirts or summer camp signup

Finally, if you're registering for AquaSquirts or a summer camp, under the Events tab sign up for the session you want.

Web page updated November 9, 2011