Refund policy

Registration fees and program dues will be refunded in full if you withdraw before the program begins. For withdrawals after the program begins, registration fees are wholly nonrefundable and program fees will be prorated as outlined in the policy redbook. Please contact the registrar at to withdraw.

As per the Aurora Synchro policy redbook, the refund policy as of April 2012 is:

8.5.2 Withdrawals

  1. A swimmer wishing to withdraw from the club shall give 30 days written notice to the President and Treasurer of the club.
  2. The withdrawal policy applies to returning swimmers immediately following registration.
  3. Registration fees are nonrefundable.
  4. Training fees are payable until the expiry of the 30 day notice period.
  5. Bingos already assigned during the 30-day notice must be worked.
  6. Any postdated or undated cheques will be returned at the end of the 30 day notice period except for security deposits for fees that are owing, which will be cashed and the remainder, if any, refunded.

Please consult the redbook for updates to the refund policy.

Web page updated May 10, 2012