1. Register with us

Coaches, welcome to Aurora Synchro.

Here are some instructions to get you registered with the club.

A. E-mail address for forwarding
When the communications co-ordinator is informed that you've joined the club, she'll set up a Google Mail address for you with the name, and Google Mail will send you a verification request.

1. Reply to the e-mail message you receive from Google Mail, confirming your e-mail address.

2. Let the communications co-ordinator know you did step 1,
Then the communications co-ordinator will complete the process, and after that e-mail messages to (or -- it's not case-sensitive) will automatically be forwarded to you.

B. Registration
3. Once a year near the beginning of the synchro season in September (or whenever you start with the club), you must register with the club.
- Go to
- Click the Start Registration button near the top left.
- Click Register NOW
- Click "I am not sure if I have an Account ...", input the e-mail address, and click Next
- Fill in the forms
- At Register this Member to this Group: click Select and choose Coach, click Register the Member to the Selected Group, and click Next

- Click Pay By Credit Card even though you won't be paying anything at all.

- Check the boxes for the standard agreements.
- Click Submit the Registration

The registrar will approve the registration. As well as providing us with your contact information, registration assures you are included under Synchro Alberta's liability insurance.

Please contact the registrar if you have any difficulties.


Web page updated August 14, 2017