Fort McMurray Mantas Covid Letter


 Fort McMurray Mantas Covid Letter



Dear Parent/Guardian:

It is the responsibility of the parent(s)/Guardian(s) to administer the Swim Alberta Health Daily checklist to each of your children prior to each and every practice. 

In lieu of completing and submitting the Swim Alberta Health Daily checklist on a daily basis, the Fort McMurray Mantas Swim Club will be adopting the following practices:

We will require only one completed, signed and dated (as of the first day of practice) Swim Alberta Health Daily Checklist. 

By signing and dating this letter you have accepted the responsibility of administering the checklist daily and agreeing to the assumption that if your child attends practice there were NO changes (from a No to a Yes) on any of the Daily Health Checklist questions. 

If there are any changes (from a No to a Yes) your child must not participate.  Your child should stay home and you should use the Alberta Health Services online Assessment tool to determine if testing is recommended.  Follow the Alberta Health Services guidelines.  You must notify the swim clubs’ Covid Coordinator and your coach via email of any change.


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