Junior Gators

Junior Gators:

Age 7-11.
2 hours per week.

Junior Gators are introduced to competition. Swimmers must have the ability to swim 50 meters unassisted as well as maintain focus for a 60 minute session. Junior Gators will learn all 4 competitive strokes as well as basic competitive skills – starts, turns, underwater.
Junior Gators participate in competitions in the Calgary area.

A PDF for the complete Glencoe Gators schedule can be found here


Important changes:
Meets: We will run 4 in house meets, 2 before winter break, and 2 after. These meets will be held on Monday nights and run for 1.5 hours. From 4:15 to 5:45
Jr. Gator 2 will be invited to attend 2 out of house meets. These meets are not mandatory. To sign up for the meets you will need to register for them on out team website. I will email you when the meets are up on the website for you to register. Please note that entries are due 3 weeks before the meet.