Code of Conduct

GSH swimmers and families commit to following and respect the Club's Swim Ontario & Swim Canada Code of Conduct.

Please take the time to consult, read and understand the three documents. If you click on the Swim Ontario & Swim Canda logos you will be directed to each of their documents on their webpages.




The Goulbourn Sea Hawks Swim Club (GSH) main objectives are to promote, foster, teach and perpetuate the sport of swimming and to encourage the training of all athletes for competition in the field of amateur swimming. The club has always promoted the well-being, safety and the respect of all athletes involved in the sport. This Swimmer Code of Conduct will allow them to achieve their highest level of excellence and to develop personal discipline and self-motivation. Also, it will ensure that our training and travel together remains enjoyable and safe for all members of the Team.

Swimmers, coaches, chaperones, and parents associated with the GSH, represent themselves, the Team, the sport of swimming and their community when attending swim meets events and functions.  The GSH wants to project an image that makes all of us proud of our sport and our swimmers.

Individuals representing or travelling on behalf of GSH are required to read, discuss with their child and sign the GSH Swimmer Code of Conduct, thereby agreeing to the principles and spirit of this Code of Conduct.

Home & practice pool

  • No swimmer is permitted on deck without a coach in attendance.
  • Swimmers are expected to be present 15 minutes before the beginning of the training session.
  • Running, pushing or horseplay on the deck or in change rooms is not permitted.
  • Swimmers are expected to assist coaches' when requested to help with any equipment.
  • Swimmers are expected to obey all instructions and training assignments of the coaches.
  • Swimmers are not to use tobacco, alcohol or other illegal substances. Only those substances prescribed by a physician and/or approved by parents (aspirin/Tylenol) may be taken.
  • The abuse of any person—either physically or verbally or through electronic communication -- or of any property (team equipment, training facilities, teammates belongings) by either swimmers or parents will not be tolerated.
  • Abusive or offensive language and/or gestures will not be tolerated.
  • Swimmers cannot stay longer than 15 minutes in facility change rooms; before or after scheduled practice.
  • Swimmers and parents will treat their teammates and coaches with care and respect – you are all working together as a team.
  • Swimmers and parents will act politely and respectfully at all public venues. Their behaviour must positively reflect the high standards of the GSH
  • Coaches will not be permitted to drive non-family swimmers to and from practices.

Swim meets

  • Parents will declare their swimmer's intention to participate in a competition, understanding that coaches are going to select the events. If there are specific restrictions or notes that coaches need to be aware of, parents should message the coaches or add a note when declaring the participation.
  • Swimmers must be on time for the start of their session warm-up with the necessary equipment for the meet.
  • Swimmers must wear the Season team uniform, and any GSH swag merchandise they like.
  • Swimmers must only use cell phones on deck during competitions to listen to music and filming races; phones are not permitted for playing, texting or spending time on social media.
  • Swimmers must show their competition and meet officials, courtesy and respect.
  • Swimmers must be readily available to the coaches and sit with the Team in the assigned area to show team support, saying in the stands with parents is not allowed.
  • If swimmers must leave the deck/assigned Team sitting area, the coach needs to be advised.
  • Coaches will deal with any swimming issues at meets.

Away meets & travel

  • Swimmers and parents must respect and cooperate with coaches and chaperones (if assigned) at all times.
  • Swimmers must comply with travel, training, competition and behavioural guidelines set by coach or chaperone. (ie. curfew lights out, nap/quiet time, healthy eating)
  • Swimmers must be punctual for set times (team meeting, meals, and departures to and from the event)
  • Swimmers are expected to remain with the Team at all times during the trip. Swimmers must have coaches, chaperones or parents' permission to leave any area where the Team has gathered. If no parent, then the swimmer must be accompanied by an assigned chaperone or another swimmer.
  • Responsible, orderly and reasonably quiet behaviour is expected of swimmers at all times.
  • Hotel etiquette of the highest calibre is mandatory because other patrons/guests may be using the hotel for rest. Some behaviours not acceptable include but are not limited to:
    • Running/loitering/roughhousing in hallways/foyer/rooms
    • Loud music/TV
    • Constant room to room calling/prank calls
    • Door banging
  • Aquatic centers, hotel rooms, and travel vehicles are to be treated with respect and kept neat, tidy and clean. Any damages will be the responsibility of parents of the involved child(ren).
  • Having mixed-gender company in-room or visitors from outside the Team is only permitted with the chaperones or parents' permission or supervision.
  • The above Code of Conduct, while not exhaustive, is meant to provide GSH swimmers/parents with some guidelines and rules of conduct that are expected of them during training, competitions, and travel. This code is in effect from the point of departure until returning home. It is a guideline only and is subject to change based on individual circumstances.

Safe Sport

An Open and observable environment will be maintained at all times. At no time will a coach/staff be alone with a single athlete. 

  • The training session will be cancelled, or additional staff will be arranged to provide coverage. Two coaches and three athletes per session is the minimum.
  • Open and Observable environments will apply to online communication. All forms of electronic communication (email, text, virtual meetings) will never be in the form of one-on-one, another coach or the parent will always have to be included, and every interaction will be done in a group setting.
  • GSH always schedules two coaches in every pool session.
  • Our communication policy includes that for every form of communication (email, text, virtual meetings), a second coach or the parent will always have to be included.
  • Every form of social interaction has to be organized and will always be done in a group setting and with parents participating.
  • We are a family-oriented club. Therefore we include and invite parents to be part and join every club activity, travel, camp, etc. While training is happening, coaches take over; we always have at least two coaches in every practice or competition session.


Violation of any portion of this code may result in:

  • Being scratched from a single event.
  • Being scratched from one meet session.
  • Being scratched from the remainder of a meet.
  • Being removed from practice.
  • Possible suspension from practice.
  • Possible suspension from future meets.
  • Possible expulsion from the Team
  • Other sanctions can be determined by the Head Coach and the Board of Directors and the Disciplinary committee if it is installed on a case by case basis.

Infractions to the Code of Conduct may result in that swimmer's family having to assume some financial burden if the swimmer is being sent home early from a meet or scratched.

A swimmer or parent in violation of the Code of Conduct is entitled to meet with the coaching staff/Board with his or her parents to discuss appropriate disciplinary actions. The swimmer may be suspended from the Team before this conference.

All objections and complaints, shall be directed, in writing, and resolved in the following order:

  1. Group Lead Coach.
  2. Head Coach.
  3. Board of Directors.

Covid-19 Amendments

During this season, we are expecting to see many changes and modifications to the Safe and health Guidelines. The most updated information shall always be consulted on the GSH Web Page.

The information includes but is not limited to:


I have read, understand and declare that I will adhere and respect the GSH Code of Conduct. Including all Covid-19 amendments (guidelines, rules, athlete's and parent's best practices, logistics and behaviours expected on each facility). I will accept any disciplinary actions that the Coaches, Head Coach or the Board decides in case of a violation or failure to abide by the rules.

Swimmers and parents will behave in a manner, which favourably reflects on themselves, their families, the GSH Swim Club and the sport of swimming.

A signed copy of the GSH Code of Conduct will be required for each swimmer. You can download the PDF version of our Code of Conduct.