Club Philosophy

Our Club Philosophy

The Goulbourn Sea Hawks is an enthusiastic and energetic club dedicated to the vision that hard work and discipline required by this sport can and should be both rewarding and fun.  We believe the sport of competitive swimming should provide all swimmers the opportunity to develop to their full potential, without excessive pressure, in a supportive, injury-free and non-aggressive environment. 

The competitive team is a member of Swim Canada and is guided by our club "Vision" and "Mission" statements. Governed by the by-laws, the volunteer Board of Directors oversees the general operation of the club. The competitive program, under the direction of our head coach, provides an environment for all levels of swimmers to maximize their swimming potential, and consists of new swimmers competing for the first time through to National Qualifiers aspiring to make the national team.


Note: All ages presented below are intended as a guide only and placement in a group is at the discretion of the coaching staff.

BRONZE Competitive (2.5 and 2.0)

This program is designed to build on the skills already acquired in the junior program. The overall competitive goal is to build strength, endurance and proficiency in all 4 strokes. The initial training basis will be a program of high repetition and low intensity endurance until further in the swim season when some intensity progression is introduced to challenge skill acquisition. Coaches will also build character values promoting the understanding of the relationship between effort and achievement. Learning goal-setting and teamwork is also introduced at this stage. Swimmers will also be introduced to a pre-practice on-deck activation routine.

Typical age range for this group is 9 – 11 yrs


 SILVER Competitive

Swimming in this group should be for those that show readiness to apply a more enhanced approach to the sport: realizing the importance of practice time, structure and commitment.

Coaches will initiate the concepts of Speed (ABC’S) Agility, Balance and Coordination, flexibility, warm up and stretching exercises. The Silver group will be learning to improve stroke techniques in all four (4) strokes, turns and starts. Main workout focus will be an I.M. based program utilizing drill progression and stroke technique.  Goal-setting, preparation and readiness for competition and proper nutrition is introduced in this group.

Typical age range for this group is 10 – 12 yrs


GOLD Competitive

This program will build on all the concepts developed in the previous group: including refinement of all 4 competitive strokes and greater proficiency in skills. The overall competitive goal of this group is to broaden the swimmers skill set to be better prepared for race tactics and higher level competition. Physically this group will work towards achieving a balanced conditioning base. This group will also be required to participate in a dry land program utilizing speed, agility, balance, and strength, flexibility, and stabilization drills.

Typical age range for this group is 11-13 yrs


BLACK Competitive

Swim Training in this group will focus on higher aerobic volume training and developing an aerobic system. Event focus will be the 400 free, 800 free, 200 Individual Medley and 400 Individual Medley. Swimmers will be working on advancing physical, technical and tactical skills, proper nutrition and hydration needs, introduction to skills time management, introduction to athlete understanding of planning and periodization, the use of rest and recovery techniques will be promoted, and the introduction to relaxation, imagery, and positive reinforcement drills. The refinement of goal setting skills (short term, mid-term and long term) will also be promoted. This group will also be required to participate in a dry land program utilizing speed, agility, balance, strength, flexibility, and stabilization drills. This group will be laying the foundation for advancement to a higher level of commitment to the sport of swimming and the associated demands. This group will be preparing for progression to the Senior Group.

Typical age range for this group is 12-14 yrs


 SENIOR Competitive

The overall competitive goal of this group is to allow each swimmer to be challenged on a significantly higher level. Swimmers should display a strong level of commitment to the sport of swimming. Coaches will work towards developing individualized, specific physical and mental conditioning plans to further enhance peak performance objectives. Introduction of advanced training methods will assist in preparing swimmers for premium competitions. These will include; sets striving towards sub-maximal and maximal thresholds, aerobic and anaerobic test sets ,implementation of multiple racing strategies and tactics, competitive simulation training and adaptation to different competitive environments. A much more comprehensive and complementary dry land program is also introduced at this stage as it relates to the core swim program. Swimmers in this group are highly motivated individuals who work hard to find balance within the complexities of integration of school and lifestyle as it relates to the sport of competitive swimming. Lofty goals and big dreams are strongly encouraged in this group.

Typical age range for this group is 13 + yrs.