Meet Schedule 2019-2020

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2019-2020 Meet Schedule  - Tentative

due to cancellations, meet over subscription or date changes
Date Meet Name Location Roster Group
Sept 28 HHBF Blue & White Meet- SC GIP Senior, Squad 1, Squad 2, Intro Comp, Intro 
Oct 18 HHBF Distance Swim 1- SC GIP Senior, Squad 1, Squad 2 
Oct 26-27 No Pain No Gain- SC Guelph Senior, Squad 1, Squad 2
Nov 10 Skills & Thrills - SC Guelph Intro Comp, Intro
Nov 30- Dec 1 Union Cup- SC Markham Senior, Squad 1, Squad 2
Dec 6-8 TEAM Travel- SC Windsor 13 and over
Dec 7 HHBF Dive into Competing - SC GIP 12 and unders - Dual in the Pool (with Milton)
Dec 21 HHBF Mini Fins Meet #1- SC GIP Mini Fins
Jan 10 HHBF Distance Swim 2- SC GIP Senior, Squad 1, Squad 2
Jan 17-19 Scarborough Winter Classic- LC TPASC 13 and over
Jan 18-19 Scarborough Winter Classic - SC TPASC 12 and under
Feb 6-9 Regional B Champs- SC Markham Qualifiers
Feb 9 Skills & Thrills Guelph Intro Comp, Intro 
Feb 21-23 Regional C Champs- SC Etobicoke Qualifiers
Mar 5-8 Ontario Swimming Champs- LC   Qualifiers
Mar 5-8  Ontario Youth/Junior Champs - LC   Qualifiers
Mar 30- April 5 Canadian Trials- LC TPASC CANCELLED
Apr 5 Skills & Thrills- SC Guelph CANCELLED
Apr 16-19 Eastern Canadian Champs- LC   CANCELLED
Apr 25-26 Invitational Meet- LC Brock CANCELLED
Apr 30-May 3 MAC Invitational- LC Markham CANCELLED
May 23 HHBF- Dive into Competing- SC GIP Intro Comp, Intro - Dual in the Pool (with Acton)
May 30 HHBF- Mini Fins Meet #2- SC GIP Mini Fins
June 6 HHBF- Swim it FASTER- SC GIP Senior, Squad 1, Squad 2, Intro Comp, Intro 
June 13-14 TEAM Travel Meet- LC Windsor Senior, Squad 1, Squad 2
July 2-5 Ontario Swimming Champs- LC   CANCELLED
July 2-5 Ontario Youth/Junior Champs   CANCELLED
July 22-27 Canadian Junior Championships- LC   CANCELLED
Aug 6-9 Canadian Swimming Championships- LC   CANCELLED

**QUALIFIERS-These swimmers will be contacted by their Coach if they qualify for the meet and are a QUALIFIER**


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