Monthly Payment Information

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Georgetown Indoor Pool - 70 Guelph Street, Georgetown, ON L7G 3Z5 (Behind Georgetown District High School)

Swim Fee Payment Details:
Monthly Swim Fees are to be paid by Post Dated Cheques (due upon Registration), dated September 1st 2017 through to May 1st 2018All 9 post dated cheques are due at registration.
The beginning of each month you will receive an emailed invoice outlining what you owe outside of your Monthly Swim Fees.
This will include:
-your Swim Ontario fee (once a season only)

-payments for any swim meets that have been attended

-any Team Wear or Equipment purchases
-any fundraising that has not been achieved up to an annual $200.00 per swimmer (this will be invoiced once on June 1st)

-any volunteer service hours that have not been achieved up to your maximum (Intro and Intro Comp 15 hours annually and Squad 1, Squad 2 and Senior 25 hours annually). This is billed at $10.00 per hour not completed and this will be invoiced once on June 1st       
Your outstanding monthly payment (excluding monthly swim fees given by post dated cheques), is due by the 10th of the billing month. For example when billing is run on October 1st invoices will be emailed with current balance, all payments are required by October 10th. 
Payments made by way of cheque are to be made out to Halton Hills Blue Fins (or HHBF) and placed in the PAYMENT folder at the pool by the 10th of each billing month. 
Once all cheque payments have been received, they will be posted, reconciled and taken to the bank the 11th of the month.  Please ensure you have taken care of the financial aspect of this timing. If a cheque is returned there will be a NSF charge of $5.00 added to your account. 
A reminder to those who are behind in payments, it is required that these fees be paid in a timely manner so the club can continue to provide you the excellent programming that's been developed by our coaches. Please note the following:
  • Any account 2 months behind in payment, swimmer(s) will not be entered into swim meets until the account is paid in full
  • Any account 3 months behind in payment, the swimmer(s) will not be permitted to attend practice until the account is paid in full
Beginning the 2017-2018 season we will be accepting Credit Card as a form of a payment. For those that wish to pay by credit card, you will be able to pay monthly or in full beginning in October 2017. Please note a Post Dated Cheque is still required for September 1st for Registration Purposes. A TeamUnify Credit Card Processing Fee of $0.20 + 3.65% applies per transaction.
Please keep your monthly invoice, as you will be using this for any tax purpose you require.  A tax receipt will not be separately produced at year end
Marg Bennett
Treasurer-Halton Hills Blue Fins
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