SQ1 & SQ2 On Deck Info Session Notes

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Georgetown Indoor Pool - 70 Guelph Street, Georgetown, ON L7G 3Z5 (Behind Georgetown District High School)


SQ 1 & 2 Information Session
Attendance: Squad 1 & 2 requires 60% attendance throughout the year, but I would like to see 85%-100%. Each workout builds off the previous one so a swimmer who comes to all workouts will progress faster and perform better than one who does not. Please be on deck 15 minutes before workout so we can get in on time and go over the goals for each work.
Equipment: Each swimmer is responsible for having their equipment ready and AT every workout. If you don't bring it to practice, you will not be getting the most out of each workout. SQ1 should have fins, kick board, paddles and snorkel ( SQ 1 ONLY must have snorkel by Oct 1st) Make sure you are prepared for meets. That means Team shirt, caps, track suit, etc.
Communication: I respond best to emails. Normally, you will receive an answer from me within 24 hours. If there is an issue, or a question, please come and talk to me or set up a time for us to talk. Please also refrain from ‘gossip’ as this only leads to more issues. Get the answers to your questions and then you can chat all you like - knowledge is
Team Building events: In previous years we have appointed a group Liaison to work with the parents and coach to set up fun activities for the swimmers. This year we will be asking for volunteers to sign up with Coach Shannon to help create and run these events. This is important as these events promote friendships, team building and fun outside of our training schedule. 
Hydration/Nutrition: Food is fuel and what you eat makes or breaks you in the water and at school. Come to practice with hydration and fuel. Bring a water bottle to every practice along with a snack! There is lots of nutritional and hydration information on the HHBF website or I can get someone for you to speak to.
Reference Material: Use these sites - they are full of great info!
            HHBF website (
            Coach Chris’ Blog (
            USA Swimming (
            Swim Ontario (
            Swim Canada (
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