What level does my child need to have to be on the swim team?

Young swimmers (10 yrs and younger) need to be able to swim a length of the pool (25m) comfortably on their front or on their back. This usually corresponds to completion of Red Cross level 6.

Can my child try the team to see if they like it?

Yes we have an ongoing one-week trial period. 

How is the swim team different than swimming lessons?

Swim lessons focus on water safety and basic swimming skills. The swim team however is so much more. Through training and competition the swimmers learn to swim faster, more efficiently in addition to building life skills such as time management, self-awareness, goal-setting, positive attitudes and team work to name a few. You also make some pretty great life-long friends along the way.

How many hours a week do I have to train?

This is very dependent on what group your child is in. In our Introductory programs (Discover 1 & 2), athletes can start with one practice, which is one hour a week. As they progress through the ranks the top levels swim around 7 practices per week.

What are the main benefits of joining a swim team?

There are many great benefits to belonging to the swim team, it provides the opportunity for children to pursue both team and individual goals, how to swim all four strokes more efficiently, to develop a high level of fitness, meet new friends and most importantly have fun through the pursuit of personal excellence. 

Will my training in swimming be a benefit in other sports?

Yes, swimming is an excellent way to develop strength, aerobic fitness and flexibility, which are all aspects which will benefit athletes in any sport they participate in.

Are swim meets mandatory?

In our introductory programs swimmers are encouraged to swim in our developmental meets which provides an easy introduction to how they are run, the rules and provides an opportunity to see improvement. As they progress into our intermediate programs and beyond, swimmers are expected to participate in competitions.