Meet Schedule

Tentative Hurricanes Meet Schedule 2021-2022

For team travel meets, swimmers and parents must sign the waiver below:
‚ÄčHollyburn Team Travel Policy and Waiver 

Hollyburn Swim Meet Racing Suit Policy (Pursuit, Typhoon, Tsunami) - click here

Further information regarding competitions:


1. Selection of meets

     a) At the start of the year Swim BC puts out a tentative calendar which will have changes throughout the year but is overall a good indication of the timing and location of different meets.

     b) Based on the swimmers ability and the planning of training cycles we create a meet schedule which includes meets from September through July. This schedule is always subject to change based on change in swimmers ability, qualifying times of different meets and the inclusion of new and better opportunities.


2. Meet information

    a) Meet information will be posted by the clubs that are hosting the meets throughout the year. These are posted at different times - some far ahead of time - some fairly close to the meet date.

    b) In the meet information there are different type of meet structure - timed finals meets - heats and finals meets - different meet splits - we will only know the meet warm up times when the clubs put out their meet information and even then some meets will have warm up times TBA based on entries. Some warm up times will be early, some will be later - this is decided by the host of each meet.

   c) Meet finish times - these are approximations and are published by meet hosts the week of the meet based on the meet entries.


3. Meet Entry Deadlines

   LMR swimmers use an opt-out system and families need to opt-out before the given deadline under the corresponding events tab. 

   Swimmers in Swim Academy 1, Swim Academy 2, Monsoon and Cyclone who are not yet LMR qualified must sign up for meets online or by communicating with their coach by the entry deadline.