Swim Academy 1

6-9 yrs

Pre-requisite basic skills of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke kick (Completed Swim Kids 6)
Swim Academy 1 is our introductory program to the Hurricanes and competitive swimming.  Swimmers should be able to swim 25m of freestyle or backstroke comfortably and continuously.  Program focus is on breathing, sculling, dolphin kick and breaststroke kick skills with introductions to starts, turns and mini-competitions. Swimmers are encouraged to train two or three times a week.  
Mon-Thu | 5:00-5:45pm
Fall $445/Sept 27-Dec 16
Winter $370/Jan 4-Mar 10
Spring $480/Mar 28-June 23

Plus annual Swim BC registration and Team Development Fees
Annie Wolfe


Swim BC Fees
The money is used for various purposes including: financial support for our athletes (Provincial Team Programs); administrative support for our members; registration fees to our national body (SNC) and insurance for our members.

20120-2021 SwimBC Fees – subject to change for 2021-2022
Non-Competitive Swimmer - $47.00  (swimmers will pay a upgrade fee when they start LMR Meets)
Competitive Swimmer 10 years and under - $117.00
Competitive Swimmer 11 – 14 years old - $163.00
Competitive Swimmer 15 years and older - $205.00

Swim Meet Surcharge
To support our athletes striving for high performance goals we have included a 15% surcharge on all swim meet entry fees. This money goes directly to pay for coaching costs to in province meets such as Invitationals and SwimBC Championships meets.

Team Development Fees
This fee will be billed based on extra team initiatives such as bringing in specialists for swimming technique, sports psychology, nutrition and motivation. These initiatives can also include swimmer incentives, team socials, team travel for camps and training opportunities. The fee will be decided during the Winter Session of each year once we have each season planned.
Annual Team Development Fees by Group:
Introductory Groups – up to $75.00
Intermediate & Advanced Groups - $120.00-200.00

Family Discount
For families with 3 or more swimmers, the first two swimmers will pay their full fees and there will be a 20% discount for each swimmer with the least amount of group fees.

Withdrawal from the Team
If a swimmer is to withdraw from a sessional program they will be charged the full amount of the program after the second scheduled week of the program.  If a swimmer is to withdraw from a monthly program, families must give one month’s notice.

Swimming Equipment
Team equipment such as shirts, jackets, swim caps and suits can be purchased from the team. All other equipment should be bought at Team Aquatic Supplies. Use our team discount code HOL100 for a 20% discount.
Goggles, Training Swim Suit, Team Shirt, Swim Cap (mandatory if long hair and at meets)            
*Please be sure to mark all equipment with names in permanent marker*