LMR Qualifers

Regional Meets
These are official Swim B.C. meets held throughout the various regions in the province. The region which we compete in is the lower mainland region (referred to as LMR) and stretches from Whistler to Chilliwack. Swimmers will be entered in these meets once they have acquired a regional qualifying time (4:00 for the 200 IM).  Times recorded at these meets are official times and are necessary in order for swimmers to move up through the ranks.

Invitational Meets
Invitational meets are hosted by a club who "invites" others to compete. They vary in format and most will have their own individual time standards. These meets will be based on what offers the best racing opportunities to our swimmers and can change year to year. Many of the meets will involve travel in and outside the province and will have time standards to participate. 

SwimBC Age Group Championships
These meets are held in February for Winter Championships and June for Summer Championships with clubs throughout the province attending.  The location varies from year to year. The purpose of this meet is to prepare the swimmers for swimming heats and finals, and to qualify them for higher provincial level competition. Athletes must make a “Age Group Championships" qualifying time in the 200m Individual Medley and at least one other event. Time standards are available under our resources tab. 

SwimBC Provincial Championships
These meets are held in March for Winter Championships and in July for Summer Championships. Athletes are required to have a "Provincial Championships" qualifying standard in one event to qualify and must have a time standard for each event to want to compete. This meet is considered the provincial championship meet where the best swimmers throughout the province come together and compete in one meet. The venue for this competition varies from year to year. Time standards are available under our resources tab.   

B.C. Senior Open Championships
These meets are held in March and June and are both long course. Athletes are required to have a "Senior Open" qualifying standard in one event to qualify. This meet is aimed towards athletes competing at a Canadian Western or Junior Championships level. The venue for this competition varies from year to year. Time standards are available under our resources tab.  

Canadian Western/Eastern Championships
This meet is split into two regions; west and east, and is held in April of each year. To compete in this meet swimmers are required to have western national qualifying times in any event. This meet has time standards for 13&over girls and 14&over boys. 

Canadian Junior Championships   
This is a meet where each age group can qualify by achieving specific Canadian Junior Championship times for girls 13&over and boys 14&over.  This meet is intended to be a National Championship for age group swimmers giving them the opportunity to compete with the best in the country.  This meet occurs once a year usually in late July.

Canadian Senior Championships and Canadian Trials 
Senior National level meets for the top swimmers in Canada to compete in an open age group. At Trials meets swimmers will race to qualify for the Canadian National Team participating at the Olympic Games, Pan Pacific Championships, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games or World Championships. 

Hollyburn Team Travel Policy
When we offer team travel we expect all athletes to sign our Team Travel Policy and Waiver. Team travel cuts down on expenses and will be offered whenever our numbers are large enough. 
Hollyburn Team Travel Policy - click here

Parent Information 
Parents are encouraged to plan ahead so that their swimmers can attend as many of our team swim meets as possible. If you have any questions regarding our schedule please ask! Generally meet specific information will be available 3-6 weeks before each competition as it becomes available online. Our meet calendar is set months in advance and their coaches will know what meets they should be focusing on. Swim meets are chosen to give every athlete the opportunity to race in varying competitions, training meetss and performance meets with different levels of competition to help motivate them to perform at a higher level. It is also very important for swimmers to get the opporunity to race every event throughout the season as this helps build well rounded swimmers, racing strategies that will help through all of their events and keep them motivated when they have trouble making an improvement in another event. 

During the swim meet parents should help the swimmers to arrive on time so that they are on deck ready to go with their team gear by the on deck time sent out before the meet. Swimmers should be sitting with their teammates and paying attention to the swim meet. Cheering on their teammates and learning how to manage themselves pre-race and post-race for optimal performance. If parents are traveling with their swimmer, please let them know that you enjoy watching them participate and help them be prepared with the basics (sleep, food, water) for each session. Let the swimmers relax and help them to not focus on the swim meet while they are away from the pool, they will put enough pressure on themselves to perform well and need the break! 

Coach Travel Costs 
For LMR Meets, Regional Invitational Meets, SwimBC Age Group Championships and SwimBC Provincial Championships coaches costs covered by a 15% meet surcharge for each swimmer. For Team Travel Meets (Invitationals outside our region) coaches costs are covered equally by all attending swimmers. For Canadian Western Championships, Canadian Junior Championships and Canadian National Meets, coaches costs are covered by all attending swimmers with help up to $1000 from our Fundraising Account.