We encourage using Team Aquatic Supplies for team equipment orders. Our shark card is listed below. The coupon code is HOL100, good for a 20% discount on all regular priced items.

Hollyburn Swim Team Shark Card - click here

Hollyburn Swim Meet Racing Suit Policy (Pursuit, Typhoon) - click here

You can purchase the following gear from the swim team. Please contact coach Annie for orders and sizing: [email protected]

Team Suits:

Male - $50.00+tax

Female - $65.00+tax

Silicone Team Caps - $15.00+tax 

Cotton Team Shirt -  $20.00+tax 

Arena Track Jacket - $65.00+tax

Pull-over Hoodies - $45.00+tax

Zip-up Hoodies - $50.00+tax

Dry Fit Team Shirt - $30.00+tax

Finis Stability Snorkel - $50.00+tax

  • All prices above are less than retail
  • All of the above items have a nominal surcharge which goes to the cost of coaches equipment throughout the swim year

Swimming Equipment

Team equipment such as shirts, jackets, swim caps and suits can be purchased from the team. All other equipment should be bought at Team Aquatic Supplies. Use our team discount code HOL100 for a 20% discount.
Goggles                                                                           All Groups            
Training Swim Suit                                                           All Groups
Team Shirt                                                                       All Groups
Swim Cap (mandatory if long hair and at meets)            All Groups
Team Track Jacket and/or Hoodie                                   Monsoon, Tsunami, Typhoon, Pursuit
Water Bottle                                                                     Monsoon, Tsunami, Typhoon, Pursuit
Fins                                                                                  Monsoon, Tsunami, Typhoon, Pursuit
Small Pull Buoy                                                                Tsunami, Typhoon, Pursuit
Snorkel                                                                             Tsunami, Typhoon, Pursuit
Mesh Equipment Bag                                                       Tsunami, Typhoon, Pursuit
Running shoes, shorts                                                      Tsunami, Typhoon, Pursuit
Hand Paddles                                                                   Typhoon
, Pursuit
*Please be sure to mark all equipment with names in permanent marker*



Equipment Uses

  1. Goggles – goggles are used to keep water out of the athletes eyes so that they are able to see when their face is in the water
  2. Team Shirt – all members are required to have a team shirt. The reason we request this is that when athletes attend team functions we can all look like a team. Each swimmer will be charged for a new team shirt each year.
  3. Swim Suits – proper competitive suits allow the athletes to be able to swim with a minimum amount of resistance. By wearing these suits it is not only faster, but the main purpose for them is that it is much easier to perform proper swimming skills in these suits.
  4. Swim Caps – when swimmers have longer hair it can get in the way and severely alter the swimmers technique if they always have to brush their hair from their face. A swim cap will also add protection to the athletes’ hair from the chemicals that are used to keep the pool clean.
  5. Fins – fins are used to allow the athletes to be able to perform technical skills when first learning them by giving support, as well as when swimmers become more advanced they help develop swimming speed. The pool only has a certain number of fins, some get broken and some fit differently. Swimmers in Regional, Competitive, Junior, Senior and Pursuit Groups are asked to buy fins so that they are always assured to have them and that they fit properly.
  6. Small Pull Buoy – in this upcoming year we will be using small pull buoys quite often. This is for two reasons. The first is to help the swimmers to perform kicking techniques more effectively and the second is to strengthen the swimmers’ pull. We will be using small pull buoys instead of the standard size because they allow swimmers to be able to perform technical movement with more ease.
  7. Swimming Snorkels – snorkels will be used to teach swimmers proper body position. The reason we use snorkels for this is that swimmers do not have to move their head to breath therefore they can hold a more consistent body position while swimming.
  8. Dry land Clothing – to be able to both perform dry land activities properly and to provide proper support for the athletes while performing dry land proper clothing is needed.