This program is a great “bridge” between non-competitive and competitive swimming.  Competitive swimmers are expected to take part in a minimal of three (3) Fundamental swim meets, which are held approximately every 6 weeks.  Non-competitive swimmers are encouraged to participate in one swim meet (Tigers junior meet) during the season. 

New this season - Swimmers must pass the Swim Alberta Competition Readiness Standard and take part in the Diving Readiness Progression Standards before they can attend a swim meet.

This is a 60 minute, three times a week program that runs depending on the pools shut down, from September/October to the end of April. 


Swimmers MUST have completed Red Cross level 4 or equivalent, be able to swim 25 meters of recognizable Freestyle and Backstroke.

Comfortable jumping or diving into deep water

Listen well to instruction

Competitive swimmers are willing to attend swim meets. 


  • Teaching the fundamentals, skills, balance, and coordination in the water.

  • Develop body strength and a strong aerobic swimming base.

  • Emphasis on having fun, loving the water and the sport.

  • Learn the four competitive strokes, turns, starts and finishes.

  • Introduction to swimming 100 Freestyle and Backstroke.

  • Movement to the next level includes swimmer’s attitude, skill and at the coach’s discretion.

Family Expectations:

  • Families are to volunteer and participate in fundraising during the season.

  • To take one officials course during the season, and officiate at a minimum of one swim meets.

  • To volunteer at the Tiger Fundamental Swim Meet.

  • To take part in club activities throughout the season.

  • Competitive swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of three (3) junior swim meets held approximately every 6 weeks.

  • Competitive swimmers are expected to buy and wear the team uniform at swim meets.