This program is three, 120 minute sessions per week, with 15 to 30 minutes of dry-land. Competitive swimmers are expected to take part in a minimal of five (5) swim meets; this may consist of the Fundamental Circuit swim meets, or Invitational swim meet.  Invitational meets are held over two or three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) depending on the meet.  These meets can consist of preliminaries and finals.  Swimmers who place in either an 'A' or 'B' final will be expected to swim.

New this season - Swimmers must pass the Swim Alberta Competition Readiness Standard and take part in the Diving Readiness Progression Standards before they can attend a swim meet.

Depending when the pool conducts their maintenance shutdown, this program runs from September/October until the end of May.  If swimmers achieve a Provincial time standard they will be expected to continue swimming until mid June. 

**May swim times will vary and be advised no later than April.


Swimmers MUST be able to swim 100 meters of Freestyle and Backstroke.

Demonstrate a basic Breaststroke and Butterfly.

Demonstrate a dive off the side or starting block.

Competitive swimmers will attend swim meets. 


  • Emphasis on stroke technique for all four competitive strokes.

  • Continued teaching of competitive starts, turns and finishes.

  • Introduction to the pace clock and to interval training.

  • Continuation of a strong aerobic swimming base, with an introduction to anaerobic training.

  • Introduction to 200 and 400 meter freestyle, 100 meter and 200 meter individual medley.

  • Introduction to goal setting and keeping track of their person swim times.

  • Introduction to preparation before and during a swim meet.

  • Responsibility and self-discipline during practice and swim meets.

  • Movement to the next level includes swimmer’s attitude, skill, attendance, meeting or surpassing group pace times and at the coach’s discretion.

Family Expectations:

  • Families are to volunteer and participate in fundraising during the season.

  • To take one officials course during the season, and officiate at a minimum of two swim meets.

  • To volunteer at the Tiger Fundamental Swim Meet.

  • To take part in club activities throughout the season.

  • Swimmers are expected to attend swim meets. 

  • Swimmers are expected to buy and wear the team uniform at swim meets.

  • Swimmers are expected to have all their equipment and a water bottle on deck at each practice.

  • Swimmers who achieve a Provincials time standard will be expected to continue swimming into June.