WHITE - competitive

A higher level of commitment is expected from the swimmers and parents.  Swimmers in this level MUST have been in a swim club for at least two seasons, and the head coach has the final say on who can join this level.    

Swimmers will have the choice to attend three (3), four (4) or five (5) practices a week. The afternoon sessions are 120 minutes with a 15-30 minutes of  dryland. The morning sessions are 60 minutes of pool time. 

Swimmers may add an additional practice with an additional fee. Swimmers may drop down a practice, but there will be no refund on monthly fees. Changes must be in writing to notify the coaches and the Tigers swim board.

Swimmers will be expected to take part in a minimal of five (5) Invitational meets.  Invitational meets are held over two or three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) depending on the meet. These meets can consist of preliminaries and finals. Swimmers who place in either an 'A' or 'B' final will be expected to swim.

Swimmers who achieve a Provincial standard time or a Championship standard in either short course or long course will be expected to attend the meet to represent the club and High River.

This program runs from September to either the middle of June and/or beginning of July, depending which provincials the swimmer has qualified for.


  • Continued emphasis on stroke technique for all four competitive strokes.

  • Continued focus on correct competitive starts, turns and finishes.

  • Continued use of the pace clock and interval training.

  • Keeping a logbook for goal setting, and tracking own personal swim times.  

  • Introduction to nutrition and its effects on an athletes' body

  • Develop body strength based on resistance and one’s own body weight.

  • Focus will be on obtaining “B”, “A” and National times.

  • Introduction to preparation before and during a swim meet.

  • Becoming role models for the younger swimmers in the club.

Family Expectations:

  • Families are to volunteer and participate in fundraising during the season.

  • Parents are to take at least one officials course during the season.

  • Parents must be willing to officiate at swim meets your swimmer is attending, especially when your swimmer is entered in a distance event.

  • To volunteer at the Tiger Fundamental Swim Meet.

  • To take part in club activities throughout the season.

  • Swimmers are expected to take part in the dry-land component.

  • Swimmers are expected to buy and wear the team uniform at swim meets.

  • Swimmers are expected to have all their equipment and a water bottle on deck at each practice.